A wild week and then some

My granddaughter is wild for Shopkins
My granddaughter is wild for Shopkins

It has been a bit of a trying week ever since I had outpatient surgery on the 27th of May. I was thinking this is a simple procedure, and all is going to go well and I am going to feel like a million bucks in a couple of days. Was I wrong! I don’t like to moan and fuss or complain, but I am sincere when I say birthing children was easier. Having 2 bigger surgeries were a cake walk. This one has done me in.

Then our rodent of a dog has been throwing up daily. (I don’t think it is because he feels sympathy for me.) We’ve been trying everything we can think of. So far today he is keeping his food down. If not, off to the vet we go.

The car needs work done. You name it; it has been happening. (I am calm about it and not bad tempered over things. I told you the advice in the Sugar and Spice section does work.)

The day after surgery my grandchildren were here and we actually had an excursion to Toys R Us. I felt good enough to go. (I was thinking that this surgery was not so bad. Proved wrong.) They were hosting a Shopkins Swap-a-thon and my granddaughter Katie was dying to go. She had never been to one. My granddaughter was in heaven. She is somewhat shy around strangers and at first let everyone else do the talking, but pretty soon she was making trades right and left. She just looked so happy. My grandson came along and observed the event. He does have a few Shopkins, but didn’t bring any to trade. But then to be fair to him, we had to go to the Star Wars Lego aisle. This actually took much less time and he found something he wanted.

Sunday, didn’t feel so great. Monday began throwing up and having a lot of pain. Have been pretty miserable for most of the time. And can’t stray too far from the bathroom. Yesterday I felt well enough to take Daphne to a bookstore we both love named Book Off. She had gone through her overloaded bookshelf and decided to part with quite a few books. (I think she was feeling a little bit of Feng Shui from Marie Kondo and that prompted her to clean her shelves quite a bit.) Book Off will buy books, CDs, DVDs, game stuff, etc. She got a good return for selling her items. Then I brought home Arby’s (Shhh. Don’t tell our Medifast counselor. Arby’s is definitely not on their plan.) Well, I ended up getting sick to my stomach and my belly blew up. The Arby’s food was yummy, not poisoned. I was the only one that the rich food did a number on. So, I re-learned my lesson to stay on my diet plan. By the way, I have lost 39 pounds since beginning my diet program. Yee haw!

Today I have more energy and at least I am not vomiting. And I can blog!! I have been trying to do that all week. I am supposed to go to work on Tuesday. I see the surgeon on Monday. I am definitely going to tell him that natural childbirth was better than this procedure. And, I have made up my mind that if anyone wants to go spelunking in my nether regions again, my answer is not only going to be NO!! It is going to be HECK NO!! (I don’t swear, but I think my point will be understood.)

Hope everyone had a safe and happy Memorial Day! Remember, Californians, that this Tuesday is the Primary Election. Please make sure to vote. Your vote counts.

Blog you later!!

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