Book Nook: Review of Family Man by Calvin Trillin

Family Man by Calvin Trillin
Family Man by Calvin Trillin

Calvin Trillin

Mr. Trillin is a writer who has published several books and writes for major newspapers. He resides with his family in New York City. His family is the topic of this book. I haven’t read any of his other books, but according to the fly leaf he likes to write about life as he sees it.

I would not have picked this book out of the library or bookstore. I hadn’t heard of this writer before. I did find this book at my father’s house while I was cleaning out his home. Though there is no inscription in the book by the giver addressed to my father, I have surmised that Family Man was given by brother #5 – Pierre. Pierre is a literature major and teacher of ancient languages. He’s kind of a cerebral dude who enjoys reading. He has made some good book choices in the past; so rather than straight out donating this volume to the library, I decided to read it in honor of my father.

I know why this book was chosen for my dad. My father most definitely is and always has been a family man. Family is what he’s all about and there are 7 children to prove it. He just turned 92, and his family is still the most important thing to him. I will tell you he’s the best father there has ever been.

This particular volume of Mr. Trillin’s work focuses on his life as a father to two girls, Abigail and Sarah. He writes about them from birth to college in a very witty style. He is an observer and commentator on life with a tongue in cheek style. His wife Alice must be a very kind and indulgent woman because he’s got her in this book as well.

For example, when asked by new parents for childrearing tips, he admits to having said on several occasions, “Try to get one that doesn’t spit up. Otherwise you are on your own.” I am guessing that Abigail and Sarah spit up on occasion. I am not sure you can even get a model that doesn’t upchuck once in a while. I sure didn’t have two of those.

This was a fun, lighthearted read. If you would like to find the humor in being a parent you would enjoy this book. I can’t say that I’d pick up another one of his books in the near future. Not because it wasn’t good, but because my TBR list has too many books on it and I’d rather make a dent in it first.

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