Book Review: A Matter of Trust by Lis Wiehl

A Matter of Trust
By Lis Wiehl with April Henry

Mia Quinn is rummaging through items in her basement in preparation for a yard sale. While sorting through things she is on the phone with her good friend, Colleen, who is also a prosecutor for King County, Washington. While they are chatting, Mia hears what sounds like a gunshot and then bubbling sounds instead of her friend’s voice. She is frantic to get to Colleen’s home. She dials 911 on her cell phone while handing off the landline on which she was previously speaking to her friend to her 14 year old son, Gabe, instructing him to listen in case Colleen says anything. Mia also charges him with minding his 4 year old sister.

Gabe listens to the bubbling sounds at the end of the line until he hears nothing but classical music. The bubbling sounds have ceased. Mia arrives too late to the scene. The detectives and the crime scene teams are already there. Detective Charlie Carlson ruined a case Mia had prosecuted in the past and she’s not happy to see him at her friend’s home as the lead investigator.

Upon returning home Mia finds her son trying to calm his sister, Brooke, down. She is asleep but is shrieking in terror. She is inconsolable and they have to hold her to the bed until she stops screaming and hitting. They finally all get to bed, though Mia can’t sleep. She is grieving the loss of her friend and too many thoughts are crowding her mind. How had her life come to this? Her husband died 3 months ago, and she wonders how she can handle everything on her own. She can’t do it all.

Her boss, the district attorney, is up for re-election and he wants this high-profile case cleared up quickly with a conviction. He assigns Mia, making her work with Detective Carlson. She makes it clear to the detective that he had better not take anything from the crime scene like he did the last time they worked together. She will not have another case dismissed.

Colleen’s murder has the same MO as the murder of a fellow DA killed 4 years ago. His murder was never solved. Both attorneys were well liked and good. Who is out to pick off the attorneys and why? Is Mia going to be next on the list of dead DA’s? What will happen to her children if she is harmed?

While Gabe becomes more distant from and surly with his mother, he makes new friends on the high school football team who may not be all they are cracked up to be. Brooke has worsening episodes of nightmares, if that is what they truly are. Life is unraveling faster and faster as each day goes by. To add to her worries, she notices that she is being followed by an unknown person wearing a baseball bat and hoodie.

While trying to solve Colleen’s murder, Mia is trying to convince the politically aspiring DA to let her prosecute a case in which some teenagers bullied a peer so much that he committed suicide. It’s a political hot potato because these boys are the sons of prominent citizens.

I have not read a book by Lis Wiehl in a very long time. We are talking​ years. I remember that I enjoyed her suspense thrillers. Daphne and I got a catalog in the mail offering books at discount prices. We should never have seen that catalog. But, oops! too late. I was already writing the check. A few of my choices were by Ms. Wiehl.

I couldn’t put this book down. I read it from start to finish in one sitting. Along with a great plot and interesting characters, it was also gratifying to read a book that had no swear words, bare body parts, or characters en flagrante delecto. The book didn’t need that junk to make it interesting or whatever authors believe that kind of stuff will do to a novel. It can be done! She’s a New York Times best-selling author. She wouldn’t be if her writing wasn’t good. 5 out of 5 stars for sure. I am looking forward to starting the next Mia Quinn novel tonight.

Stay tuned for a review on the second book in the Mia Quinn suspense thrillers: A Deadly Business.

What is your opinion of the use of swear words and sex scenes in a book? I would love to hear your thoughts. Happy Reading!!

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