Book Review: Blogging All-In-One For Dummies by Susan Gunelius

8 Books in 1
By Susan Gunelius

I finally finished this book! I don’t mean that in a bad way either. It was over 600 pages of information on blogging along with some grainy photos. I’ll admit that it really did take me a while to finish this. Not because it was boring either. It was packed with so much information that I had to read and re-read the material to make sure I knew what was being explained, and so that my memory would retain everything. I will say I learned a lot. I really am new to the blogosphere. I celebrated my 2nd anniversary online this past October. Honestly speaking, I don’t know how I would have even started a blog as I didn’t know what it entailed. Thankfully, I have a great GM (my daughter) who knew her way around the computer. She has handled the posting (Yes, I am ashamed to say I don’t know how.) and the background, etc., etc.

I figured that it was past time for me to know how to work my own blog (A) for my own knowledge, (B) so I could understand what my GM was doing, and (C) so I could run my own blog if and when my GM goes on hiatus. I happened to see this book in a used bookstore (that by the way, also buys books, etc. from their customers) that my GM and I frequent. I snatched it up and have been learning ever since.

The book tells the reader about syndication, RSS feeds, monetizing one’s blog, how to set up a blog, resources and apps out in the blogosphere, and also gave step by step instructions on using or signing up for various apps. She also spent time on blog etiquette, how to grow one’s blog, things not to do, copyright laws, frequency of posting, building relationships with other bloggers, and more. Some of what I read was stuff I don’t feel close to being ready to doing.

Granted the book was published in 2010 and some things have changed, but there is still a whole “host” of information that is still applicable and good to know. I think my GM Daphne is glad I have finished the book, because as I read things I would ask her if we were doing what was suggested on our blog. I think I nearly drove her nuts. I am definitely keeping this on my shelf as I know I will be going to it often to review as I go along in the blogosphere.

My one major complaint is the quality of the photographs used as illustrations. Some of them were clear and legible, but most of them were too small, grainy, and required a magnifying glass. I wanted to be able to glean info from the examples, but sometimes it was practically impossible. Maybe the pictures were small because the book was over 600 pages. I imagine that if the pictures were bigger the volume might be 800 pages. I don’t know but I know I did miss information that might have been helpful. I would recommend for future versions that the photos be good enough to read and see the info provided. Despite the low quality of the images, I would still recommend this book to beginners in the blogging world.

What have you learned from a book today? Happy Reading!

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