Book Review: Bookplate Special by Lorna Barrett


Bookplate Special
A Booktown Mystery
By Lorna Barrett

Do you know what a Freegan is? These are people who are trying to leave the smallest carbon imprint on Mother Earth. They avoid gas-propelled vehicles to cut down on pollution. They like to compost and they prefer to do minimal paid employment to save time to help others and the environment. They believe in conservation and cutting out waste of resources, food, etc. These are great ideas. One of the things that I just could not get into is their frequent dumpster-diving expeditions behind restaurants and grocery stores. They are not just looking for recycleables like cans and bottles. They search for food and other items that are edible and retrieve them from the dumpsters and then consume them. This is where the adage comes in: to each his own.

Why am I bringing this up when I am doing a book review? Because a group of Freegans in Stoneham play a major role in this third book of the series that includes a murder, of course, a blackmail scheme, a philanthropist, a missing diary, and a handsome sheriff with stunning green eyes. (No. I don’t have all of the Booktown Mysteries. I admit that I may start searching for them in the future. They are pretty cute and I have to find out if Tricia ever finds the man of her dreams or not.)

Tricia’s old college roommate comes to town and she stays with Tricia for 2 weeks. In that time Pammy has alienated a few people, including Tricia. Pammy even took one of Tricia’s checks and wrote it out to herself. That is the straw that breaks the camel’s back. As firmly, but politely as possible, Tricia tells her to leave her place and not come back. A short while later Tricia is taking out the trash at her sister’s new lunch diner and finds Pammy upside down and dead in the trash bin. And the hunt for the murderer begins…

I will be honest. This story put me off a little bit because of the dumpster-diving angle. Because of that, I am only giving it 4 of 5 stars. She tied up all the loose ends and the outcome was definitely unexpected. Who knows? You may enjoy it as much as the other books in her series.

Happy Reading!

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