Book Review: Dial C for Chihuahua by Waverly Curtis

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Dial C for Chihuahua
by Waverly Curtis

Do you recall the fad that was going on for a while in sunny California in which celebs, the It girls, etc. were going around with miniature dogs stuffed in their Gucci and Coach handbags? (I can’t figure out why people want Coach bags. They are an ugly brown with C’s backwards and forwards all over. Those have to be the ugliest purses ever, and yet people pay big bucks for them. Just give me the money an ugly Coach sack costs and I will buy a pretty purse and have money left to get a cool pair of shoes, and a gourmet meal!) But I digress. Well, carrying toy poodles and shih-tzus and chihuahuas down Rodeo Drive is no longer the cool thing to be seen doing. It’s so last year. So, what do these socialites do when Fluffy is no longer in fashion? Of course they dump the dogs at the pound and hang on to the overpriced handbags? Egads!

And so ladies and gentlemen, this is how Dial C for Chihuahua begins. Forty rodents, er, chihuahuas, are sent to the pound in Seattle as LA’s overflowing with the little perros. Geri Sullivan, a recently divorced woman, decides she needs a companion. She picks out a cute little guy and when she attempts to name him, he speaks up in Spanglish and informs her that his name is Pepe. She is the only human who understands what Pepe says. Pepe insists he’s done everything and has seen everything, and he will be a perfect companion.

Geri may have a talking dog, but she is still jobless. She finds an ad looking for a private investigator and she gets hired. Her first assignment is to inform a rich woman named Rebecca Tyler that she is in danger. When Geri and Pepe arrive at the mansion, the front door is open. They walk in and instead of finding Rebecca they find a dead man. And the adventure begins. Pepe is funny and he and Geri dash all over the Seattle area following clues. As with any murder, there is more than meets the eye. Double-crosses, investments, and a reality show called “Dancing with Dogs”, a stuffed shirt sister and her dull dentist husband all converge in this funny tale about murder, mayhem, and who-dun-it?

That’s not all, folks. There’s the client who is upset about dog poo in her garden, and the guy who loves animals that have met with a taxidermist. I know there are plenty of books out there featuring animal sidekicks. I haven’t read those. I picked this one up because it featured a chihuahua, and we happen to have one, Mr. Pete. Granted Pepe can talk and Mr. Pete can’t, but can Pepe sail across distances like Mr. Pete? I don’t think so. I’ll let you know when POTUS (Mr. Pete’s nickname) is hired by the Flying Wallendas and joins the Barnum and Bailey Circus. I give the book 4 of 5 stars for the entertainment value.

As Tigger would say, “TTFN”, and as Mama Vicky would say, “Happy Reading!”

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