Book review: For America … By Sacha Zimmerman



For America
Simple Things Each of Us Can Do
to Make Our Country Better
by Sacha Zimmerman

  • Eat Dinner Together.
  • Teach Your Children About Real Life.
  • Be a One – Television Household.
  • Adopt a Soldier.
  • Get a Library Card.
  • Shop Mom-and-Pop.
  • Be a Good Patriot.

These 7 ideas and many more good ones are contained in this small book. The author picks about 50 items the average American citizen can do to support our country. And they aren’t hard things to do. Some may involve a little time, such as attending a city council meeting or volunteering, but all are worth it.

I picked this book up at our most recent used book library sale. It is dangerous for me to work at those book sales as I sure spend a lot of money on books, etc., that I don’t really need. I saw this little red book and when I read the title I knew I had to get it. I love books about our country.

I only had one disagreement with a statement of the author. She was talking about learning the preamble of the US Constitution when she wrote that the US Constitution was not divinely inspired. I disagree with that. I believe the framers of our constitution were great and intelligent men, to be sure, but I also am sure that God inspired them as they worked.

Other than that 1 little difference of opinion, I would give this book 5 out of 5 stars and most likely would read it again to refresh my memory as to other ways I can be a good citizen.

Coming in the next couple of days I will be sharing two different book reading challenges for 2016. Pick the one you like and see how you do.

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