Book review: How to Enjoy Reading Your Bible by Keith Ferrin


How to Enjoy Reading Your Bible
by Keith Ferrin

I would like to thank the good folks at Bethany House Publishing for the opportunity to get this book in exchange for an honest review. Keith Ferrin is an author, speaker, and storyteller who in this book is sharing the “good news” (pun intended) about enjoying reading the Good News – aka The Holy Bible. Yes, I said enjoying reading the Scriptures.

If you read the Scriptures, have you ever read it because you were supposed to, only to find your mind wandered, or you didn’t get a thing out of it, or it felt like a chore and your were ticking it off your To Do List, just like you would the kitchen dishes when completed? No show of hands needed. I will be honest with you. When time is short I read through a chapter and say, “I’ve met that requirement for today.” (I do try so hard not to let that happen.) I also have a hard time reading The Song of Solomon. Between you and me and the lamp post, I find that book to be obnoxious, repetitive, and a chore to go through. So, I read it fast.

Now that you have heard my confession, I really do want you to know that I love reading the Scriptures. That is what Mr. Ferrin is writing about – loving to read the Word of God. After all, the whole purpose in reading them is to deepen your relationship with the Lord. Learning, building your testimony of the Lord, etc., etc., are all very important reasons, too. But the key to all this is having a desire to become better friends with the Savior and Heavenly Father.

In this small volume, the author has laid out the book by dividing it into 10 tips designed to help you enjoy your reading. Let me list the tips, and if the title of the chapter sounds a little strange, like what in the world does this have to do with reading the Scriptures?, please trust me that as you read this book, it will totally make sense. The Savior taught in parables, right? Some of these chapters have parables tucked in them.

Tip 1 – Remember Why You Are Doing This
Tip 2 – Set Your Expectations Really High
Tip 3 – Have a Strategy
Tip 4 – Watch the Whole Movie (See what I mean?)
Tip 5 – Learn from Your Shampoo Bottle (Told you so, didn’t I?)
Tip 6 – Raise Your Voice
Tip 7 – Read Alone
Tip 8 – Don’t Read Alone (Huh?)
Tip 9 – Go on a 60 – Day Adventure
Tip 10 – Take Two 4 – Month Challenges

I think this book is helpful for the newbie as well as someone who has been around the scriptures for a while. It is something that would be a good book to keep on the shelf when you are feeling like you need a refresher. Though the author specifically was discussing The Holy Bible, I felt that his ideas were just as helpful for those of us who also read the book of Scripture entitled The Book of Mormon, Another Witness for Jesus Christ.

Again, thank you to Keith Ferrin and Bethany House for an opportunity to read a really good book.

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