Book review: Inferno by Dan Brown


By Dan Brown

Dan Brown is the author of past hits as The DaVinci Code and Angels and Demons who now is presenting us with a book based on the famous poem by Dante Alghieri, Dante’s Inferno. Professor Robert Langdon returns in this new adventure and uses his superior knowledge of art history and symbology to figure out how to save the world. How to save the world, you say? Yes.

How do famous artworks in Florence, a world plague, Dante’s Inferno, the grand city of Constantinople, a secret group called the Consortium, museums, the WHO, and a world renowned geneticist fit into one novel? Why does Professor Langdon wake up in an Italian hospital after having been shot in the head cared for a young female doctor who has an IQ of 208? Professor Langdon has been rendered amnesic because of the injury and doesn’t recall how he ended up in Italy. He continues to have spotty nightmares of a beautiful silver-haired woman standing by a river of blood filled with dead bodies. As the end of these nightmares he sees a person wearing an Italian death mask, a replica of those worn when the Bubonic Plague decimated Italy. This same doctor helps him flee from an assassin and the chase begins.

The story hits the ground running and doesn’t stop. Deception, assassins, riddles, and danger start from page 1 taking the reader on a careening ride through history. The story was fascinating. On top of the great story was the author’s in depth look at Dante himself, an explanation of the hidden meanings in the Dante’s Inferno, and details of the beautiful art of Vasarti, Michaelangeo, Da Vinci, and Botticelli. After reading this book I really wanted to go to Italy myself and see everything.

I had a hard time putting this book down. I believe that if you were to read this book for yourself with you would as fascinated as I was. I can easily give this novel 5 of 5 stars.

Happy Reading!!

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