Book Review: Little Blog on the Prairie by Cathleen Davitt Bell

Little Blog on the Prairie
By Cathleen Davitt Bell

Daphne saw this book at the library and checked it out because of the title. She does like The Little House on the Prairie books. This book is written for teens, but that has never stopped either of us from trying a book out. The picture on the cover looked cute and I was curious about it because of the word “blog” in the title. I am interested in blogs because I learn something, even from fiction, that might help me to be better at blogging. Now to the book:

Genevieve is used to family vacations at places like Club Med and in such places as the Bahamas. This time her family vacation is going to put her in the middle of Nowhere, Wyoming in the 1890’s. Wyoming? 1890? What in the world? Her mother set up this vacation and though Genevieve begs to stay home and enjoy the summer with her friends and the swimming pool, Mom says, “No.” As we all know, you can’t argue with Mama and expect to win. Genevieve’s father is even in the dark as to what this vacation will entail. Mom lays out a little bribe. Mom has gotten her a new cell phone with the proviso being that the phone stays home and Genevieve gets it after the family vacation. She can’t argue with that so off she goes with the family to Wyoming. When they arrive at the vacation destination they are greeted by a man and a woman who look like they came from the 1890s. The lodgings are not hotels, but cabins such as would be found in that time period. Immediately the family must give up their modern clothing and put on pioneer items. Any phones, make-up, radios, etc. that aren’t found in that era are not allowed. Genevieve protests but insists on being able to keep her Clearasil kit. You know teenagers and their acne problems. Betsy, who runs the “resort” with her stiff husband, Ron, agrees to let her keep it.

Unbeknownst to Betsy and Mom, there is more in the zit prevention kit besides Clearasil. Did you know that Clearasil now offers free phones? In Genevieve’s mind this is the vacation from Hades. They have to draw their own water. They have to cook on a wood stove and use it for heat. They have to manage a corn field, milk their cow, and raise a couple of chickens. PS – adding insult to injury, no toilets! Only lovely, stinky, dark outhouses. Genevieve holds her bladder until she is about to burst. Her 1st visit to the little shack is a disaster. For sure she wants to go home.

Out comes the cell phone and she texts her friends about the happenings. Her friend Ashley asks if she can use Genevieve’s posts for a school project she is doing. Genevieve agrees and so the unpleasant occurrences at camp become accessible on the internet. Toss into the mix several other interesting families, an unhappy daughter of Ron and Betsy named Nora seems to have it out for Genevieve from the start. There is a cute boy to fight over, and what is that we see? Our naturalists Ron and Betsy have a hidden shack that is wired with electricity, a computer, and a lot of diet Coke. All of this makes for a funny tale that I think you would enjoy. It’s an easy read with a few suprises.

I would give it 4 stars out of 5 stars because it is entertaining. Can’t take a vacation right now? Try slipping vicariously into Wyoming in the 1890s and see if it’s something you would like to experience. The old saying (and I don’t think it is from 1890) fits – “Try it. You’ll like it.”

Happy Reading! What is your current read right now? Please share with us.

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