Book Review: Murder Is Binding by Lorna Barrett


Murder Is Binding
by Lorna Barrett

It has been a long while since I have read a cozy mystery book. Daphne found this title and the 2 following by this author at a thrift store. She knows I enjoy a good story, especially one about books and bookstores. My dream for ages has been to own a bookstore where I would offer homemade treats and sell some of my craft items. But I digress. (I seem to do that quite a bit.)

Tricia is a former Manhattan socialite who is now divorced and makes a home in a small town in New Hampshire. It is a tourist town that has bookstores of various genres as the main attraction. Tricia has opened a shop dedicated to mystery books which she has named Haven’t Got a Clue.

Trouble begins when Angelica, her obnoxious older sister comes to town. Angelica is bossy, loud, wealthy, opinionated with terrible taste in men. She immediately becomes chummy with the sole realtor in town. Tricia has the lease for her store through him, but she finds him to be a bore, a braggart, and a suspect in the murder of the next door bookseller.

On top of dealing with her sister, the owner of the cookbook store is found dead with a kitchen knife in her back and a valuable cookbook from the 1700’s missing. The town news writer puts an article in his newspaper that is scathing about the murder and makes a strong implication that Tricia did the dirty deed. Sheriff Adams is determined to prove that Tricia is the culprit and Tricia is determined to prove she is not guilty.

Despite these unpleasant and serious occurrences, all is not lost. A handsome man is attracted to Tricia and vice versa. Angelica, pain that she is, is an excellent cook and makes delicious meals for Tricia. No complaints there. Tricia loves her cat Miss Marple and her loft above her bookstore.

Things go from bad to worse when the missing old cookbook is found in Tricia’s store. Someone is also putting tracts about a nudist colony in the books Tricia and the other booksellers are selling.

The sheriff still thinks Tricia is guilty and won’t help her so she has to go it alone if she wants to prove her innocence. This was a delightful easy and fun read. I have already started the author’s second book in the series so you know that I enjoyed the book enough to read the 3rd book too. The author gets a 5 of 5 stars for Murder Is Binding.

2 comments on “Book Review: Murder Is Binding by Lorna Barrett

  1. I enjoyed this book as well. I’ve been wanting to continue reading the series, just haven’t gotten to them yet.

  2. Glad you enjoyed this book. I have three more from the series on my shelf to be read. I am looking forward to them but so many books, so little time. When I finally get to them and write a review, I’ll let you know what I think. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Happy reading! – Vicky

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