Book Review: The Melody Lingers on by Mary Higgins Clark


The Melody Lingers On
by Mary Higgins Clark

I have read many of the books Mary Higgins Clark has written. I have enjoyed them a lot. Mary Higgins Clark is a prolific writer and has a new book out this year. Thank you to my daughter and GM, who also likes Mary Higgins Clark novels, who came across this one and got it for me.

Lane Harmon is the assistant interior decorator working for the snobby and rude Glady Harper. Glady redecorates the homes of the richest of the rich. Lane is used to being in opulent homes and enjoys a peek at the rich and famous. She is surprised by her boss’s agreement to take on redecorating a modest town house outside New York City. The town house belongs to a woman who was among the wealthiest of the wealthy. In fact Glady had decorated the woman’s huge mansion when she had been married to a high rolling financier by the name of Parker Bennett.

That name is now a household swear word for many people. Parker got people to join his pet investment fund. Imagine the turmoil that ensued when his sailboat was found without him on it. Was there an accident at sea? Was it suicide or did Parker fake his death taking the 5 billion dollar investment fund with him?

As Lane works with Mrs. Bennett, who maintains her husband was innocent, she meets her son, Eric, who is also determined to prove his father’s innocence. Lane has no idea she is stepping in to the middle of the controversy by dating Eric.

I must admit that novel didn’t catch my attention as quickly as Mary Higgins Clark’s other books have. It was a bit slow in the beginning, and finally got better about midway through. The problems surrounding the missing Parker Bennett continue to snowball as the FBI becomes involved, a countess hires Glady to redecorate her home to the tune of 6 million dollars, and a man unknown to Lane and Eric develops a plan to kill them.

This book was a quick read and fairly entertaining. It would be a good beach read type of book. I would give it a 3 of 5 stars.

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