Book review: The Noticer by Andy Andrews


Sometimes, all a person needs
is a little perspective.
by Andy Andrews

Until a few years ago I had never even heard of Andy Andrews. Maybe some of you have because he is a motivational speaker and holds seminars. The first time I heard of him was at our annual women’s book club Christmas party and planning event. During the Christmas season we would all gather at Rosie’s house for dinner and to pick the next year’s book titles. Rosie goes to a lot of effort to create a magical winter wonderland, and it works. One year Sandy chose the book entitled The Traveler’s Gift by, you guessed it, Andy Andrews.

That book was phenomenal and it is still on my shelf. Thank you, Sandy. I didn’t know he had come out with another book after that, The Noticer, until it was suggested by another lady in our club. I am sad to say I worked late the night of the book club and missed the discussion. It would have been a good one, to be sure. (And it is so nice to be with friends who are good people and share a similar passion for reading.) I want to know if the book is true, partially true, or a mixture.

The story takes place in Andy’s home town of Orange Beach, Alabama. Andy at the time he meets the “Noticer” is living under the pier from hand to mouth. It seems the “Noticer” knows all about him before they are even introduced. He goes by the name of Jones. Please remember it is just Jones, not Mr. Jones. He and Andy have a conversation and Jones leaves him with 3 books to read, the biographies of Winston Churchill, Will Rogers, and George Washington Carver. As their relationship continues, Jones gives him 3 books at a time until he is very well read. Then Jones asks Andy what he has learned from the books. What he has learned changes his life.

Jones comes in and out of people’s lives at the time they really need help, whether or not they realize they do. He meets with an elderly woman who thinks she has no purpose in life. He meets with a businessman with questionable moral standards. These are just a couple of the people that he meets throughout his stay in Orange Beach.

Jones is a very wise man and he is good at helping people put events in their lives in perspective. Is there some area in which you could use a little change in perspective? Read The Noticer and find out. I gave this book 4 stars out of 5. Mind you, it is a great book, but personally I don’t think anything is better than one of his earlier books, The Traveler’s Gift.

Happy Reading!

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