Book Review: The Overton Window by Glenn Beck


The Overton Window
By Glenn Beck

You say the name Glenn Beck and you are likely to get two reactions. One is, “Can’t stand the guy! He is so full of …!” The other reaction is, “He really makes sense. We ought to listen to this guy.” In case you don’t who he is, Glenn is a very conservative political pundit who also is an author. Ask my sister and she’ll tell you that she adores him; not only because he makes sense, but he is “darn cute.” I’ll admit that he does have a nice smile. My sister has read every book he’s ever written. And, yes, I have supplied her with a few as gifts. I gave her The Overton Window the Christmas before last. I picked up my own copy at the last library used book sale at which I cashiered.

Basically, the book is a look at the current state of America in fictional form and how public opinion is swayed by PR people, or spin doctors. The Overton Window is actually a real theory based on how much does a person see. If the window is moved in one direction complete control of the populace. If moved in the other direction, complete anarchy. The main character is a young PR rep named Noah who works at his father’s firm. His father is a ruthless man who is very important to government agencies as he makes everything look so good that the general public will swallow anything they are told and find out later that it was all lies and poison and there is nothing they can do about it.

Noah’s interests are in his social life and fun. He meets a girl named Molly in the mailroom of their large building. Molly has everything a 20-something buck is looking for in a girl, beauty, wit, long legs, etc. He falls for her hook, line, and sinker. She on the other hand is part of a patriot movement to restore the nation to the ideals of the Founders of the Constitution. She invites Noah to a patriot meeting. He attends only to set his eyes on Molly again, but the night spins out of control and so does Noah’s life.

I was disappointed by the book. I am conservative in my thinking, as you are probably aware. While I am lamenting that there are no more Washingtons, Jefferson, and Lincolns, I am not making my own bullets or trying to buy missiles. I was saddened that arms and missiles were a part of the plan to return America to its constitutional base. On the flip side, I really dislike people like Noah’s father who have such power over public opinion that people swallow lies and then become trapped.

Over all, I give this book a 2 of 5 stars. I liked the idea of the story, but felt is was hard to follow and overdone. Perhaps Mr. Beck intended it to be far out to grab the reader’s attention.

Next up for reading and review: Ben Hur.

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