Book Review: Through Cloud and Sunshine by Sharon Downing Jarvis

Through Cloud and Sunshine
The Fairhaven Chronicles
Book 3

By Sharon Downing Jarvis

Yes, I am reporting on Book 3 of this series. I hope you aren’t getting tired of reading these reviews. I wouldn’t blame you, though, one bit. Though they are pleasant and uplifting reads, the stories just aren’t that exciting. I think that is because I have been reading them in a very short period of time. Usually in a book series there is an interval of time between each book. The reader has time to anticipate what the plot is going to be and what new characters will be introduced. I’m​ thinking reading them one right after another is the reason I am not dazzled. Moving along…

The town high school football star is Thomas Rexford, affectionately known as T-Rex, is a “good old boy” kind of guy. There are only two things T-Rex takes seriously, football being number 1. Riding his motorcycle is number 2. Christmas Day has just ended and T-Rex can’t wait to show his buddies his new helmet and the other motorcycle adornments he got for Christmas. It’s cold, snowy, and windy. He offers to give a friend a lift home and then he will be headed to his own home to watch Christmas movies with his parents.

T-Rex never makes it home. Bishop Shepherd gets men from church to go in teams to search for the teen. He’s found at the bottom of a ravine unconscious and barely breathing. He was wearing his new helmet, but by the looks of it, he struck something hard. The helmet is caved in on one side. He is rushed to the hospital where he undergoes emergency surgery. His parents have made his football career the priority. Even if he survives, will be be able to play football again?

Bishop Shepherd, owner of a grocery store, decides to upgrade the store by adding a deli. He is hoping to be able to continue to compete with the major supermarket that is just outside of town. Daughter Tiffani turns 16 and wants to date and drive. Typical teenager, right? And she has developed the typical teenager attitude – surly, believes her parents are too strict and out of touch.

New neighbors move next door and once they find out the Shepherds are Mormon, the lady of the house is out to stir up trouble. She even goes so far as to catch​ the 5 year old’s cat and take it to a distant shelter.

There are definitely storm clouds hovering​ over Fairhaven. It would be nice if the sun decided to come out and chase the clouds away. The only way to find out is to read the book. I’d rate this book somewhere between 3 to 3 ½ stars. I have started Book 4, the final book in the series. I’ll bet you can’t wait to hear all about it!

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