Can You Help a Fellow Bibliophile Out?


Dear Fellow Bibliophiles,

As you know, I always post a book review in this column, but since my daughter tells me “predictability is the curse of the boring,” I am going to switch things up. You may be aware that I have taken the Pop Sugar Reading Challenge this year. There are some categories for which I cannot come up with a suitable book. Would you kindly help me by suggesting some book titles for the following categories? I would greatly appreciate it.

The categories are (kind of sounds like the Oscars, right):

– Book set in the wilderness. (I was thinking of something by Jack London, but I am sure there are other options.)

– Book set in 2 different time periods.(The Bone Garden by Tess Gerritsen would fit the bill, but since I read it recently I didn’t think it would be honest.)

– Book set in a hotel.

– Book that is becoming a movie in 2017.

– Book set around a holiday other than Christmas.

– Book recommended by an author you love.

– Book with a family member term in the title.

– Book that is mentioned in another book.

– Book based on mythology.

Thank you for your ideas. Have a great week and Happy Reading!!

4 comments on “Can You Help a Fellow Bibliophile Out?

  1. Are you familiar with Fannie Flagg? I just read “The All Girl Filling Station’s Last Reunion” and it was wonderful. I’ll be seeking out the rest of her books and reading those as well. This book is set in two time periods – World War and the present. The chapter headings tell you which time period you are in, so it is very easy to follow the story.

  2. Thank you for the great suggestion, Lynne. It fits my Popsugar requirement exactly. I have read some of Fannie Flagg’s books before and have enjoyed them so this sounds like a good one! I appreciate your help. Have a great evening!

  3. I am sure you will like this one. I see that my fingers were going faster than my brain….that was supposed to say World War II ha ha. I’m currently reading her book “The Whole Town’s Talking” which is also set in multiple time periods, but I don’t know if it would count, as it reaches those multiple time periods by moving the plot forward in a very linear progression. I’d still recommend it, it just may not fit the requirements!

  4. I love the idea and I’ve already gotten the book from the library. Can’t wait to read. Thanks so much!

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