The holiday rush begins

I don’t know about you, but I am not ready for December to be here! Holy Cow! The year has flown by and now we have 23 days until Christmas. Are you ready? I have the tree up and trimmed and the stockings hung over the fireplace. My grandchildren were here this past weekend and […]

Defective Dog

MAMA VICKY SAYS… I want my money back! You sold me a defective dog. I have been robbed! I was tricked into buying Mr. Pete. The seller wasn’t honest, and my animal loving daughter gave me her pleading puppy dog eyes, and so I ended up with a dog from a Mexican puppy mill (We […]

What’s on your own bucket list?

Most people know what a bucket list is. If you saw the movie “Bucket List” starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman, then you know what it is and how it works. If you do not know, basically, it is list of things a person would like to accomplish before he/she “kicks the bucket.” (The slang […]

What’s a Mother to Do?

Did you ever wonder how some things don’t change? Take for instance days off and food leftovers. When was a day off really a day off? I am sure many of you have “days off” like mine. When I am off on Sundays it is a more restful day. It is a day for church and […]