Mama Says … Thank you, again!

I wanted to thank everyone again for visiting my blog during our Lucky Give-Away. It was so wonderful to hear from all of you. I appreciated your comments. I think the most common “lucky” sentiment was meeting one’s true love and/or having children. We do have many blessings in life and sometimes it takes someone […]

The Battle of the Bulge

Let’s revisit the Battle of the Bulge, Episode 6045. An ongoing story that seems to repeat itself just like “Groundhog Day.” (By the way I never did hear if Punksatonnie Phil saw his shadow or not.) In this episode of the Battle of the Bulge, you will find the same two humble maidens on a […]

Emergency Preparedness

Being prepared for an emergency is essential. We all know about the grasshopper and the ants. We have probably read articles on having a 72 hour emergency kit. In California we were warned about the coming of El Nino months in advance. I had forgotten what El Nino did last year so I personally was […]

A Christmas Wrap-up

What takes several days, at least, to put together and only takes a few hours to demolish? I’d love to hear your answers to this question. I am sure there several different things that could fit the above description. However, in light of the holiday season, I am referring to Christmas Day. Just think about […]

Until we meet again…

This has been a rather unusual and stressful couple of weeks. We stayed for four days in a room at the local Motel 6 while our condo complex was being fumigated. I am not sure who the brilliant folks in the homeowner’s association were who decided to fumigate the complex 2 weeks before Thanksgiving, but […]

Mama Says … many things

The healthier lifestyle and diet (actually known as the Battle of the Bulges) was going pretty well. There is always delightful food around the hospital and that send out vibes that taunt me until I succumb. In reality I have been pretty good and avoided all. But last Friday I fell off the wagon and […]