Simple Tips for Coping with Illness

Simple Tips for Coping with Illness Parkinson’s Disease – Currently affects nearly one million people and is not racially, ethnically, or gender-specific in whom it afflicts. This is the second most common neurodegenerative disorder. Alzheimer’s is first. Breast Cancer – Chances are you know someone within your circle that has or has had breast cancer. […]

The Zika Virus

Zika Virus was unheard of in the USA until about a year ago. It really came into the news when the Olympics were scheduled in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil this past summer. The Zika Virus was present in Brazil thanks to some infected mosquitoes. Some Olympians decided against going to Brazil because they didn’t want […]

Vinegar Virtues

SUGAR and SPICE ADVICE You have probably prepared salad dressing using vinegar. You may have even used a vinegar and water solution to wash your windows. Did you know that vinegar has some other amazing uses? It does and I will tell you about them. Vinegar’s chemical name is acetic acid. It is a weak […]