Christmas comes early at Mama’s House


Every single year I face the unenviable task of trying to find the perfect gift for my mom. She has the most boring  Christmas wish list ever! She always wants slippers or candles. No clothes (she says she’s “too fat” and won’t look good in them anyway). No money or gift cards (she says she won’t accept cold-hard cash from her children). So do I still get her some of the things she asks for? YES. But I like surprises too – giving her a gift that she will love but never saw coming. It’s a tall order trying to surprise her but I think I did it this year. I got her … wait for it … THIS BLOG! Yep, is my mom’s major gift from me this year. She has always enjoyed blogging and writing so I thought why not give her a space of her own on the ‘net? She will be sharing anecdotes, advice and much more with you. Please subscribe to her page (you can do that via email; see sidebar!) so she will feel as special as she is. I love my Mom and I know that she will make this blog a true success.

Merry Christmas, Mama!


P.S. Since it’s almost Christmas time, I have decided to share a gift with our readers too. We are giving away a new copy of the CD, “Michael W. Smith & Friends ~ The Spirit of Christmas.” Michael sings duets with Lady Antebellum, Bono, and others, that you must hear!

To enter the drawing, fill out the form below.

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Thanks, everyone and best of luck!

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