Decisions, Decisions … Five Books That Have Influenced My Life

When a person is asked to choose 5 of something it can be really hard to come up with just 5 when the list could go on and on. For example, our last Decision question was picking 5 things that you really liked/loved. Picking only 5 was really difficult. I think our topic for today is even harder. Read on and see how well you do at picking just five.

Reading is my life
Reading is my life

The topic this time is:

Do you see what I mean now? As a true bibliophile 3 books came to mind right off the bat. But how to narrow down the last 2 out of hundreds? I really had to think about this. Almost melted my brain trying to decide. Please check out my choices.

1) The New Testament. I love reading the about Jesus, His teachings, and His apostles. The New Testament had a profound effect on my thoughts and actions and beliefs. (I am puzzled by the actions of some of the folks that appear in the early books of The Old Testament. Some of the stories leave me with questions because I find some of the important people did some odd and not so nice things; for example –Sarah, Abraham, and Hagar; Jacob and his mother, Rebecca, deceiving Isaac and Esau; and King David and Bathsheba, to name a few.
2) The Book of Mormon. I love reading this book and have read it multiple times. This book has also helped shaped me into being a better person. I love the teachings in this book.
3) The Doctrine and Covenants. A book of inspiration and revelation for our day. If you happen to pick this book up somewhere, please read sections 18 and 19. They are my favorites of any religious books. These sections talk about how much we are valued by God.
I puzzled over my last two choices. I know you may think #4 is silly, but I am going to go for it.
4) Nancy Drew #1: The Secret of the Old Clock. Reading this book got me into the love of reading. I have read them all. I always liked reading but Nancy got me to love reading. My sister read them and that is why they were on the book shelf. I had a huge walk-in closet in my room in good old Pennsylvania. To shut myself out from the commotion going on with 5 brothers and pets I would go into my closet and read for hours. I really became Nancy Drew in my imagination as I would read. Of course, I got my daughter to read them and fall in love, too.
5) Life Strategies by Dr. Phil McGraw. Some people don’t like Dr. Phil, but I like how he tells it like it is. I like how he puts responsibility on the person to get them to work out their problems. This book contains 9 strategies for successful living no matter what is going on, where you’ve been, or where you (think) you are going. Very eye-opening and uplifting at the same time.
There you have it. My 5 list of the 5 books that have had the most influence on my life. Decisions, Decisions We would love it if you would share your list with us. Who knows? You could be writing about the perfect book to put on my 5 best list.  Happy Reading and Happy Sharing!

We would love it if you would share your list of the 5 most influential books you’ve read.

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