Finding time for yourself during the holiday rush


During the holiday season we give and serve others seemingly non-stop. I personally think this is great. Doing for others helps me remember what this season is really about. As I mentioned in my last post The holiday rush begins, you can easily get overwhelmed and exhausted. You really have to pamper yourself a bit to relax and rejuvenate in order to tackle the next item on your To Do List. What I am suggesting is an inexpensive way to pamper yourself without expending a lot of precious time either.

I am suggesting having your own spa at home. Going to a professional spa can be time consuming, consider the travel time to and from, as well as expensive. I know that when I have treated myself and my niece to a massage, I get so relaxed and comfortable that I don’t want to leave. Spa staff kind of frown on someone sucking up the ambience for hours. This is not a problem if you do your own spa treatments at home. Try these ideas out:

  • Turn off the bathroom lights and burn several fragrant candles. Turn on a heat lamp if you wish (and have one.) Take a refreshing warm bath adding some drops of your favorite essential oil or some bubble bath and relax. Or just take a nice shower using your favorite smelling body wash.
  • Turn on some relaxing music or natural sounds like ocean waves, rainforest sounds, or in this special season, your favorite Christmas music. Guys – if you find listening to a favorite sportscast relaxing, turn it on.
  • Exfoliate your face, and then massage your scalp, temples or upper neck as you stand under the shower spray or soak in the tub. Fresh skin always feels delightful. We carry a lot of tension in our shoulders so along with a relaxing bath, massaging the neck and shoulders is great therapy. Guys – try wrapping a hot towel around your face like they do at the barber shop. That is sure to feel good.
  • Some bar soaps can leave skin dry and flaky. Use a perfumed body wash. Guys – there are some more manly sents out there to enjoy. While I have nothing to do with your shower or bath, I love the smell of musk.
  • Complete your home spa experience with a clean shave. Blot dry and add an emollient to your face, hands, elbows, knees, and feet. Finish off with a splash of body spray, or for the gents, a splash of aftershave.

I guarantee that you will enjoy the experience, and the fresh, clean feeling afterwards. I truly believe you will feel rejuvenated. I might suggest you use lemon or peppermint oils for an invigorating experience. I would love to hear from everyone who tries this to see how the experience was. I’m thinking I might have to treat myself tonight. It is my night off. Sounds delightful! If I didn’t have so much to do today, I’d soak in the tub right now!

You deserve to be good to yourself. Try it and Enjoy!!

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  1. We should always take a little time for ourselves. I am glad you’re going to give it a try. You may find you will want to make more time for yourself. You deserve it. Thank you for commenting. Come back soon and Merry Christmas! I appreciate your friendship.

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