Friday Night Writers Review … Coming soon!


As you are aware, I am an amateur writer. I have been working on and off (mostly off lately) on a book about the life and times of our wretched, weird Chihuahua, Mr. Pete. It is/was going to be my answer to Marley and Me author’s claim that Marley was the worst dog ever. I’ll bet Marley didn’t climb up on the table set up for Easter dinner and help himself to the deviled eggs while the family was watching the grandbabies hunt for Easter eggs! But that’s beside the point.

Daphne is also an amateur writer, and motherly pride aside, is a darned good one. She has even self-published a novella entitled Full Circle, a story of grief, hope, and redemption. She has so many great ideas.

Daphne, my indispensible GM, had a great idea that came to her in a dream last night. She suggested that once a month we take turns presenting our stories and poetry to you, dear readers, for your enjoyment. Since I am a blog hog and you know how I write, I’d like Daphne and a friend of hers, Vicky, to share with you their talents. Feedback from you all is most welcome. We’ll post something every 4th Friday of the month, starting on Friday, 2/27. Join us on the 27th please for delightful read!

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