Holidays: From the Familiar to the Wacky!


Did you know that there is a holiday or some other notable event for practically every calendar day of the year? Months have also been designated with special themes. It’s true. Let’s look at a some that go from well-known to unusual.

The year, of course, begins with New Year’s Day. My son’s b-day is in January, too. In February, we have Groundhog Day (How do you spell Punksatawnie anyway?), Presidents Lincoln’s and Washington’s birthdays (Now combined into 1 day to give a 3 day weekend. I wonder how they feel about having a moveable date to allow for a 3-day weekend.), and Valentine’s Day. The beginning of the year also holds Black History Month, and Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

March was National Nutrition Month. I hope everyone ate healthy food that month. I sure did, but I also added generous portions of the 5th food group – chocolate. Are you aware that your brain has it’s own special week in March? Well, it did. Did you feel smarter? If you live in the Golden State you also know that the state has a holiday on the 31st in honor of Cesar Chavez, the man who organized the migrant laborers who effectively lobbying for better working conditions.

April had Easter this year. One of my two most favorite holidays, Christmas is first. My birthday happens to be a highlight of the month as well. I think my birthday should be designated as a national holiday, and everyone should send me fabulous gifts in honor of my existence. I was thinking the whole month should have been celebrated in my honor, but I didn’t think I should overshadow the Resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ Easter. That is definitely the biggest and most important event in the world’s history. Due to the backlog in Congress, the bill making my b-day a national holiday hasn’t been signed into law yet. But when it does I will be sure that it appears on every calendar ever created so that no one misses it.

The Merry Month of May is Older Americans Month. I didn’t know that before. You may not have known either, but now you do so that you won’t miss out thanking your elders or treating yourself if you are in this category. I am guessing that would include ​people 55 and above. May also is the month in which we honor those ladies we know as mothers. What did you do for your mother on her special day? I have said this before, but my mother is the best in the world. I am also blessed that she is still alive at 94 – definitely an older American.

In California, Cinco de Mayo is celebrated, you guessed it, on the 5th of May. It’s actually a holiday in Mexico commemorating their key victory over the French in 1862. On this side of the border it gives people a reason to down a lot of cervezas (beer). We missed National Etiquette Week, which started on the 8th this year. In my humble opinion, etiquette never goes out of style. In May letter carriers collected food for the annual Letter Carriers’ Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive (“Stamp Out.” Get it? Ha! Ha! Ha!) This year it was on May 13th. Memorial Day occurs in the month of May, giving us a chance to pause and thank a veteran and remember fallen members of the armed services who have preserved our country’s freedoms.

On to one of those unusual and quirky designations. Now, June has a dubious title to contend with. Why? Because June is National Bathroom Reading Month. I kid you not. I am sad that I didn’t come up with it myself. So for all of you who have to duck into the water closet for a 5 minute reprieve and to conduct appropriate bathroom business can now take your reading material in with you and not feel guilty. For most of us, the bathroom is the only place we can be by ourselves for a few minutes. Well, that is if you don’t have toddlers. Those little folks can find mom or dad anywhere. What do you like to read in the bathroom?

June 2nd was National Doughnut Day. I didn’t know that until I saw a sign in the window of a yummy doughnut shop we sometimes patronize. My daughter and I are very supportive of small businesses. (Daphne has read somewhere in the past that if every shopper spent $300 a year at small businesses the US economy would prosper.) No, I did not take my doughnut into the bathroom to enjoy! A book, yes. A doughnut or any other food or beverage item, no way! A lot of peope in high school did that. They’d eat and smoke their clandestine cigarettes. That is purely disgusting and not something I would ever advocate on a family-friendly blog!!

In the June News: sleep experts gathered in Boston at the Sleep 2017 annual meeting. I wonder how many participants may have fallen asleep during the boring lectures. NASCAR ran the Pocono 400 on the 11th in LaPond, Pennsylvania. Driving a fast car is fun. Watching someone drive a fast car around the track 500 times (or is it 400 times in the Pocono 400?) seems extremely boring to me.

In history, 46 years ago on a June 17th, President Nixon declared drug abuse to be “America’s public enemy number one.” Working at the county psych hospital sure proved this hypothesis to be true. Something I just learned and found unbelievable was that 95% of all prescription narcotic use in the world happens here in the United States! 95% of the entire world? That “blows my mind.” Pain is no fun and I am glad there are things that can be used to alleviate it. It’s the overuse that leads to addiction that is a big concern for our nation. That is something to think about.

But on to brighter things… Father’s Day was June 18th. I also say that I had the best father in the world. He is up in heaven looking down on me now. I hope he’s not shaking his head, saying, “What is that daughter of mine doing now since I can no longer call her on the telephone and tell her to behave?” Listening to a poll on what dad’s want for father’s day, a tie was not on the list. In fact, most of the respondents stated they never wanted another tie for Father’s Day for as long as they live. Do your favorite dad a favor next year and don’t even look in the tie section! He’ll thank you.

The Fourth of July, August which is National Vision Month, Grandparents Day, the International Day of the Child, Halloween, National Jell-0 Day, Thanksgiving, Ugly Christmas Sweater week and Christmas are coming. There are many more reasons to celebrate this year. There is a celebration coming that has you fit to a T.

Wishing you a year full of joy and happiness!

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