Karma Korner: Expressing gratitude

The love of music
The love of music

I can’t claim that I came up with this great idea. Darn! It’s a great one too. Actually Daphne came across it while she was surfing the net.

Here’s a good way to send joy, cheer and gratitude all year long. It takes only a few minutes of your time and one postage stamp a week. The good vibes go out to others but it also blesses the giver.

Here’s what you do: Write one letter or note card each week of the year to a different person, expressing gratitude for the influence or joy they’ve brought into your life.

Maybe they gave good advice, or really listened when you were upset, or taught you to play the piano, or welcomed you when you felt alone and lost. Sometimes a person has blessed our life and they never even knew that they did!

If you wait too long the opportunity may pass. So grab some paper, a pen and some stamps… Spread the joy.

P.S. Dear Mrs. Costa (my 2nd grade teacher at Mueller Elementary in PA), I wish I could have done this years ago but I didn’t know how to locate you after I moved.

I hope you read this up in heaven where I am sure you are. You were an awesome teacher. I loved being in your class. What I’d really like to thank you for is teaching the class and me how to read music. Because of you, I learned to love to sing and when I took up the violin and piano, it was a lot easier because I could read the music.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


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