Let’s talk about Christmas cards and letters

Stop and smell the Christmas tree
Stop and smell the Christmas tree

I have always been a letter writer and card sender. It’s just part of who I am. I love opening my mail box and finding a card or letter from someone among the nasty old bills and ads. It’s even nicer when there are no bills or circulars cluttering up the mail box – only the letter or card. Don’t you feel that way too? That’s why I like to mail things because I figure they’d like to find something nice in their mailboxes.

And here we are at the Christmas season (Hanukah time, too), and this is the time of year when the mail box can overflow with Christmas greetings. I love it. Some of those greetings include hand written letters or notes and some have the annual typed Christmas letter. For some of my pals we continue our friendship in our Christmas correspondence. Even though some people can’t stand those typed letters, I sure would rather get one than not hear from the person. I am curious to know how you kind readers feel about the annual Christmas letter. Feel free to share your opinion.

I am late getting my Christmas cards out this year. I usually have them ready to go by the first couple of days in December. Included in that card is a typed letter with the main news and a handwritten greeting. As I was thinking what to put in the letter I couldn’t come up with anything really exciting, at least if I compare it to letters I have received from family and friends.

For instance, one of my dear college roomies sends a “W. Family Top 10” for the year. She tells about the 250 mile bike race in Idaho that she and her hubby participated in. Grandchild #10 has arrived. (She has 10 children of her own.) So and so child just graduated from medical school, and on and on.

Last year I got a 4 page typed letter from one of my nieces. Very newsy. One of her children won ribbons for horseback riding competitions and also for swim meets. One of the girls was graduating from high school and she and her mom were going for 2 weeks in the Bahamas as a gift. My niece had gotten hired on the ground floor of a new business and was instrumental in hiring and developing policy. She has moved to a farm with an apple orchard so I suspect that will be in her letter this year. Good for her.

A nephew wrote about coming home from Afghanistan. We all were glad for that news.

And so it goes as I read each letter. I am not jealous or anything like that. In fact, I am really happy for them and their good fortune. It is just that last year I really had to scramble for something to say.  I am having difficulty coming up with real newsworthy things for this year’s letter. I have a feeling my letter is going to read like this:

I really like my job. I am happy to be off night shift. I can actually sleep at night. Hurray! I haven’t been fired yet, so that’s a plus. The condo is still standing even though the kitchen floor is cracked and the carpet is in need of replacement. Our dog has not had any cavities on his check up and the vet expressed his glands. He tolerated it well – of course, he was under anesthesia. He is now 7 and still pees on the carpet next to his doggy mat. My children are still alive. Haven’t killed them yet. My grandchildren are the best and the apples of my eyes. I haven’t taken a bike ride in Idaho or anywhere else for that matter. I don’t have a bike and haven’t ridden one in years. But does walking the dog around the block count for anything? I have gained 10 pounds and 3 more inches around the hips. The car is still running even though someone backed into it. My dad is still in the nursing home where he doesn’t need and want to be; placed there by two siblings who go by the moniker BM. (I know I mentioned them in a past post.) The Christmas tree hasn’t tipped over yet nor has the tree skirt been pooped on by the dog. That’s only because I am behind the 8 ball and don’t have a tree yet. We’ve had a busy roller coaster of a year and have survived. And how have you been?

At least I print my letter on pretty Christmas paper, so if the story is boring at least the reader can enjoy the look.

Happy Holidays to you and yours! Take time to smell the Christmas tree and enjoy each day.

Ho! Ho! Ho! Blog You Later!

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  1. This made me smile 🙂 I think my letter would sound a lot like yours… “survived a few more grad school papers, didn’t burn the house down while cooking dinner, did about 10,000 loads of laundry, and so on, and so on” 🙂

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