Mama Says … Let’s Talk About The Theory of Relativity


The Theory of Relativity

I am not talking about Albert Einstein’s brilliant theory: E = MC2. And I am not talking about family relatives. (I could say a few words about a couple siblings of mine that can’t have been raised in the same household I was, but that’s another story that might be told another time.)

What I am thinking about is how we perceive and rate things that occur in life. For example, the Ebola scare in the US. A lot of people were experiencing high anxiety and fear as it was reported that an Ebola-infected person was within the US borders and being treated in a Texas hospital. Anxiety worsened when two nurses who cared for the patient became infected with the virus. Ebola is a scary disease because at present there is no cure. At the hospital where I work there were some very worried staff because we aren’t prepared with HazMat suits and a containment system. We made plans for how to isolate a patient with suspected Ebola until public health arrived. We have not implemented these things because the risk is infinitesimal at this point.

Now the anxiety has decreased greatly. Why? Because no new cases in the US have occurred. Also, we know more about how the disease is transmitted and the actual percentage rate of risk. Now you see what I mean about relativity.

There are not too many absolutes in the world; things that don’t change in varying conditions. Gravity is an absolute. The earth spinning on its axis and rotating every 24 hours is an absolute. The sun coming up in the east and going down in the west is an absolute.  But much of everything else is based on situation and perspective.

I’ve been thinking about this theory because I now deal with traffic on a daily basis since I have switched from the night shift to the AM shift. If I leave by 6 AM traffic is not an issue. (I don’t start work til 7 AM but getting there early gives me a chance to prepare for the day.) If I don’t leave by a certain time in the afternoon I am caught in heavy traffic along with a million other commuters. Okay, it’s not really a million, but when you aren’t moving it feels like that many other vehicles are on the road. Now here is where relativity comes in. Would I rather be at a standstill or moving at 15 miles an hour the whole way home? What would you choose? I’ll take the 15 mph because even though I am moving along at a turtle’s pace I am at least moving forward toward my destination.

Would I rather be working than not? Hmm. If I had my druthers, I would rather be working 2 days a week to keep up my skills (I worked hard to get my nursing degree) and having the rest of the week to read, work on my craft business, sleep, etc. At this point financially that isn’t realistic. But I can tell you when I was out of work for 6 months I was sure praying and interviewing and submitting resumes so I could find work. I was longing for a job. I even applied at the grocery store and got hired for a temp job working on the US census. I am not independently wealthy and 6 months without money coming in had a whole lot of negative impact on our finances. It has only been the last few months that we have gotten our heads above water.

So when I got my job with the county do you think I was excited and glad? You bet. I was singing “Hallelujahs” down the street. Now when they have paged me overhead at work for the thousandth time, if I start to get frustrated I quickly remember the famine months and my perspective on my job changes.

Have you looked at a sink full of dishes and sighed in disgust? Ever think that the dirty dishes are multiplying like rabbits? I have and do still. But then I came across a short blurb about relativity and it mentioned a song entitled “Dirty Dishes.” I did a search for the lyrics and I am putting them in at this time because I think it explains the theory of relativity clearly in a lot less words than I have used so far.

by Scotty McCreery

Mama hollers “Supper time,
And don’t make me tell you twice
Wash your hands and wipe your face.
The table’s no place for toys,
And try to use your inside voice,
Don’t dig in ‘til we say Grace.”
So we put down our forks and bowed our heads
And then she prayed the strangest prayer ever said:

“I wanna thank You Lord,
For noisy children and slamming doors,
And clothes scattered all over the floor,
A husband workin’ all the time,
Draggin’ in dead tired at night,
My never ending messy kitchen
And dirty dishes.”

We all got real still and quiet,
And Daddy asked, “Honey, you alright?”
She said, “There ain’t nothing wrong,
Noisy kids are happy kids,
And slamming doors just means we live,
In a warm and loving home,
Your long hours and those dishes in the sink,
Means a job and enough to eat.

So I’m gonna thank You Lord,
For noisy children and slamming doors,
And clothes scattered all over the floor,
A husband workin’ all the time,
Draggin’ in dead tired at night,
My never ending messy kitchen

For my little busy bees
Beggin’ mama, mama can you please?
Always wantin’ me and callin’ me
Loads of laundry pilin’ up
Crayons crushed into the rug
And those little sticky kisses
And dirty dishes,
And dirty dishes…”

Let me close by saying that I love absolutes. I really do, but I also appreciate the reminders to appreciate things when looked at from a different perspective. A coin has two sides, you know. There are two sides to every story.  May we learn to put things in the proper perspective is my hope.

And now, without further ado, I have a sink of dirty dishes to attend to.

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