Mama Vicky Says Animal Abuse Makes Me See Red!

Please be kind to God’s creatures

The following post is going to be pretty grizzly and disgusting. I don’t usually write about things that are disgusting. The incidents I am going to share with you had my daughter and I greatly distressed. So if this type of content is upsetting to you please skip this post. Thankfully for all of us, I will not be posting any pictures. They were horrible.

“It is worth while to take pains to make children kind to animals. It trains them in qualities of great importance… Make children treat the cat and dog kindly, allow no teasing or harshness, and require them to be uniformly good-tempered with them. If they behave properly to animals, they are more likely to behave rightly to their brothers and sisters and playmates.”
~The Old Farmer’s Almanac, 1882

Maybe the two evil guys on Facebook never had the above lesson. Even if this is so, they have to have known what they did was totally wrong. Maybe the twisted individual in Minnesota didn’t get taught either, but that is not an excuse. Allow me to explain.

Just a few days ago my daughter was on her Facebook account and the post of which I am speaking about popped up for her to see. There were two photos. One was of two of the above mentioned evil guys posing; one of whom was holding a knife and the other was holding something that was bloody on one end. They proudly reported that they had cut off a dog’s ears! One of the 2 twisted guys was actually holding one of the severed dog ears! The 2nd picture was of the dog lying abjectly on concrete with the bloody areas on his head where his ears had formerly been. In addition to this, one of his ears had been placed on the ground in front of him. The reason Beevis and Butthead had done this was because the dog lost a dogfighting match. Oh my gosh! Two wrongs never made a right. And are they so cocky or just plain stupid to think that people would be okay with what they did? Did they not realize that this would create a furor? Attached to the forwarded Facebook message was a petition for people to sign against these guys.

First of all dogfighting is illegal. If they had any respect for the law they wouldn’t have had the dog fighting in the first place. Second is the terrible act of harming the poor dog. What is worse is that they have not been arrested yet for that awful and barbaric act of brutality against a living being. Why not? What are the authorities waiting for? The two guys are lucky we don’t have the Mosaic law of an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth anymore because they might lose their ears without benefit of anesthesia!

The other incident occurred in Minnesota where another cruel monster not only cut a dog’s ears off but its nose, too. The dog is near death. Why? I can’t comprehend how people can be so evil and cruel. It is just senseless. What motivates people to do such things? How do we make sure these three monsters never come near an animal again? I don’t have the answer to that question. I wish I did.

(As a side note, there are statistics showing that a significant percentage of people who abuse and torture animals become serial killers. Great thought, right?)

I don’t think these brutal, twisted people deserve to be called human beings. The root word of humane is human, and no decent human being would even consider, let alone do these kinds of things. Animals don’t do that kind of thing either. They kill to eat, not just torture their prey for cheap thrills. When I heard these reports I was and still am, livid and sad at the same time. Those poor animals.

If you have a pet would you give him/her an extra pet today? For tonight, I won’t even complain when Mr. Pete steals my blankets.

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