Mama Vicky Says … Coffee, anyone?

Coffee, anyone?
Coffee, anyone?

I am just checking in, since it seems like I haven’t written anything in at least a week. Yowsa!

Let me just say that I would love to be blogging more than once in a blue moon. Okay, maybe a slight exaggeration. More like once a week. As you have probably figured out, I have a lot to say.  No one listens to me at home so I have to tell someone or I’ll explode. But getting on the computer around this house is like pulling teeth. My son thinks my lap top is his and so he seems to be using it all the time. He also takes off with it so he and his GF can watch movies on it. (We don’t have cable anymore for three reasons – we don’t need 300 channels, we don’t need to be camped out in front of the TV for endless amounts of time – there is so much to do, and I have been trying to cut back on non-essentials to cut our expenses. I will not give up on bottled water because that is an essential. If you’ve ever had a drink of San Diego tap water, you will know what I mean. How do they clean that stuff? It is nasty.) I have to beg, borrow, and steal my own lap top! I could grow a spine and tell him he can’t use the computer when I “need” it. I sometimes don’t think a battle is worth it.

Don’t even get me started on my grandbabies. Too late. I’ve already started. I don’t know if their increased use of the computer is because it’s wintertime and cooler. (Please, don’t laugh at us Colorado and Maine. I grew up in Pennsylvania, so I know what a real winter is. My children and grandchildren were born in the sunny state of California and have never had a real winter.) Or if it is because the nighttime comes sooner, but they are on the computer playing games instead of outside walking or playing. I’m not saying don’t use the computer, but please get outdoors and run and play.

Right now, I have the “privilege” of using my own computer because my son has taken my precious grandbabies to the bay to run and feed chipmunks. Yay! They are outdoors! (Speaking of something else in San Diego that leaves a bad taste in your mouth, I mean, nose – parts of the San Diego Bay. My end of the bay is a mucky foul smelling slough.  For much of the time it has the pungent aroma of a backed up sewer. When my children were little I’d put them in the stroller and we would walk around the marina. Smelly, yes. I still liked the view and the birds and chipmunks. Adam and Daphne didn’t seem to really care about the smell. My children got a kick out of feeding the chipmunks. And I sure needed the exercise. I don’t know how the people who live on their boats in the marina can tolerate living in the “bog of eternal stench.”

The silly thing is the county wants to build a fancy hotel and convention center on this land. They even blew up the old power plant (it was a boom heard round the city) to start making preparations. I guess the people who stay there can count on staying inside so they don’t have to smell it. Sometimes I think the city and county fathers are nuts and/or money hungry. PS – government folks, we don’t need a new football stadium there either.

I do want to let you know that I succeeded in getting my annual holiday letter written and mailed off, FINALLY! It was supposed to be a Christmas letter then it became a New Year’s letter and finally became a Martin Luther King Day letter. That is when I finally got the last of them mailed off. All I can say is at least it was sent on a holiday! And as I told you, the letter was boring. No eating yak meat in the Himalyas, no surfing the big waves in Hawaii, no winning the national skateboard championships. Nope. Just plain old everyday life.  How do you beef up a letter that reflects a life of work, chores, etc? Maybe I should take up rock climbing so that I’ll have something new to say. (Guess that’s not a good choice. Bad knees, you know.  Any ideas for spicing up my life while not overwhelming my 24 hours in a day are welcome.)

I did recover from the bout of pneumonia that I thought I needed to have over the Christmas and New Year holidays. Now I am always tired because I am working too many hours a day. I had always thought I would be able to do and handle everything even when I got older. Well, I am learning otherwise, and I am not happy about it. Working 12 hour days, trying to get our craft business off of the ground, attending to family, selling my dad’s house, trying to stretch the budget to provide for 3 adults and part-time visits from grandbabies, I have to honestly say I am pooped out. After cooking dinner (sometimes I don’t even do that. My son is good at making a few things.) and spending a few minutes with family, I try to take a very short spot of me time. Me time consists of opening a book, reading a paragraph and falling asleep while the book falls off my lap conking the dog on the head. No wonder Mr. Pete isn’t too quick on the uptake. He’s been bonked in the head too many times with War and Peace.

I don’t plan to work 12-hour days, but most of the time, the action at the hospital is non-stop, including meeting after meeting. And how did I as the nursing supervisor get dragged into deciding where the new patient coffee pots were going to be hooked up? Did I mention that I got to have an inservice on the coffee pots? What part of my job description includes managing coffee pots? I don’t drink coffee ever and I have never made a pot of coffee. I don’t even know how. These kind of things interrupt my day. Well, I still don’t know how to make coffee after the inservice, but I do know how much water goes into the machine. I’ll bet you are impressed.

In between coffee pot lessons and checking how full the staff is filling the dirty linen hampers, I get to talk with patients, which I love, help with emergencies, work with my fellow employees, prepare the staffing for the next shift, counsel with staff, do performance reviews (which I’d really rather not), and so forth, I have been getting finished by 6 or 7 pm. Don’t get me wrong. I am so grateful to be employed in this current economic state of affairs, and I really do love my job, minus all the meetings. The getting home late is getting old. My boss has suggested that I prioritize and leave some things undone or do them tomorrow. I can think of a few meetings that could be tossed out the window and then I’d have more time; coffee pot training for one. Nice idea, but the employee evals have to be done in a certain time period. The staffing has to be done by 1 pm. I’m still working on it. I’ll let you know if I make progress.

In the meantime, coffee, anyone? Blog you later!!

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