Mama Vicky Says … I firmly believe that life is great!


If you look at the headlines sometimes you would think that nothing good ever happens in the world. Lately the headlines have been focused on the woman who helped two convicts escape along with all of the sordid details of that story. What about the viral video of the 13- year-old girl assaulting another 13-year-old carrying a baby? And of course, the news that American troops are going back to Afghanistan. (My nephew will be going back there for the 4th time.)

My belief is that there is a lot more good in the world than there is bad. Sadly, the media focuses on the sensational. It sells newspapers, right? It gets people riveted to the TV screen and buying newspapers. It reminds me of the song by The Eagles in which they sing about getting the dirty laundry put on the evening news.

I know that bad things happen, and I do stay up to date, so I am not living in a bubble. But the way the media portrays it this world is a sad place bent on self-destruction. I guess the good things in life don’t sell newspapers.

So in my meager attempt to erase the negativity, I thought I would share some brief stories of everyday heroes.
1) Blair Brettschneider started tutoring a refugee resettlement agency 5 years ago. She started weekly meet-ups for some of the girls where they would practice English, play games, and talk. These meet-ups blossomed into a group called GirlForward. The group pairs refugees in age from 12 to 21 with American mentors and hosts a summer camp that helps prepare girls for their 1st year of high school.

2) Jen Leary, a former firefighter, started a nonprofit program that rescues and fosters pets and reunites them with families after fires, gas leaks, and other catastrophes. They have saved over 2,000 pets and have 500 volunteers including veterinarians, care providers, and drivers.

3) Charlotte Tidwell was helped as a child by some nuns and then became one of the three African Americans in her nursing program and became Spark’s Hospital director of nursing. She started a charity in which she feeds more than 7,000 people a month in her hometown. When she heard that some elderly were eating cat food she started handing out food from the back of a truck. Now she and her volunteers work 10 to 12 hour shifts Monday through Friday. On Saturdays they bring food and other items to senior housing complexes.

4) Mason Waterman opened a pizzeria name Rosa’s. They serve a lot of homeless people. One day a customer asked if he could buy a slice for the next homeless person who came in. So Mason took the dollar and wrote a note to himself that there was a slice available and stuck it on his wall. Other diner’s followed along and within 2 weeks he had two dozen sticky notes hanging up. The wall has blossomed into a note center where people put notes of thanks given and received. In just over a year, Rosa’s has given out over 18,000 free slices of pizza.  He has also hired 3 workers from shelters.

5) I just read about a retired woman here in San Diego that has been knitting beanies for babies for the last few years. 3,000 newborns have left the hospital in one of these soft donated knitted hats to keep them warm. She has some nimble fingers, doesn’t she? I am just sorry I can’t remember her name to share it with you.

This is just a small sampling of the good folks and their good deeds that are out there. (If you would like to know about others, read the July/August 2015 issue of the Reader’s Digest.) The world is not all doom and gloom. There is a lot of great news out there, sometimes you have to look for it, because you won’t find it on the front page of the paper or the opening story on the news, but it is there. Thank goodness, it is there.

I firmly believe that life is not just good, but great! Have a great day!

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