Mama Vicky Says … Some things just don’t make sense to me

Stick to the issues please
Stick to the issues please


Today I would like to talk about things that don’t make sense to me. I guess some of the things could be classified as inconsistencies and some could be thought of as backhanded compliments. Several of these are on a personal level, but one of the items comes from the national level.

Let me start with the national scene. I suppose this happens on every level of politics, but I want to focus on the presidential election. I am not endorsing one candidate or another. What I am saying is why don’t the candidates focus on the issues instead of name calling and delivering below the belt jabs? It is a waste of time and it makes them appear to be like children fighting on the playground. Shouldn’t the candidates focus on the issues and what they plan to do about them? I don’t choose a candidate by whether or not they have a terrible comb-over or wear the ugliest dresses. Egads! I choose based on their credentials and what they plan to do to help our great country.

Moving on to the local level… I voluntarily stepped down from my position as a supervisor to go back to being a JAN (Just a Nurse). Technically, I am a very good nurse and happy to be so. The acronym was developed by a couple of us RNs because we stepped out of leadership positions and decided to go back to patient care. So as a JAN I do a lot of charting about the patients. Though I went to nursing school a number of years ago, the rule remains the same: if you didn’t chart it, you didn’t do it. Now we live in a very litigious society. I don’t want to lose my license because I didn’t write something down. Aside from that I am a detailed person. That is just who I am. I was a bit flustered and surprised that I was told I chart too much. Say that again, please. Well I have no intention of cutting my notes. I don’t write a thing just because I know how to type. I have a reason. This reminds me of the psych facility that I worked at before joining the illustrious county. At the prior place we were told we weren’t charting enough. Go figure.

I was also told that I am doing too many menial tasks, like making patient beds and things of that sort. I was told that doing these things were contributing to overtime. The lesson on how to make a hospital bed was lesson #2, right after the hand washing lesson. Would you want to sleep in dirty sheets? I know I wouldn’t. And if the people who should be taking care of these things don’t, well, it isn’t fair to the patients.

I have come to realize that many county employees are there for the paycheck and do as little as possible. I guess it is obvious that I am a bit irritated. Working for the county has proven to be very different from the private sector.

Enough of that. Let me move on to the dig versus the backhanded compliment. As you know I have been trying to lose weight and get healthy. Thankfully I have taken off a few pounds and it shows. Yay! A couple of weeks ago one of the supervisor’s came on the unit and made a compliment telling me that she could tell I had lost weight. It would have been better if she had closed her mouth at that point. But she continued to blab and said, “You have got to stop losing weight. I don’t want to be the fattest nurse here.” Excuse me? Hmm. Well, no, I am not going to stop losing weight. She claims to be a smart woman so she should know how weight comes off. You tell me. A backhanded compliment or a dig? Either way, she said too much.

This is the woman who took my place as supervisor when I stepped down. Thank goodness I have another supervisor! If she were my supervisor, I would have to become a JAN somewhere else. I have been trying to consider the source. After all this is the woman who has built a shrine of herself and posted all kinds of stuff on the wall by her desk. There is being proud of your accomplishments, which I think we should be, and then there is being stuck on yourself. (Several of us at work are voting for the latter reason.)

Now that I have vented my frustrations, I will drop the negativity and go watch a funny movie and laugh my tail end off.

(PS – The answer to the orange joke is: Because he ran out of juice! Awesome, right? I’ll bet you laughed.)

Ha ha! Blog you later!

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