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I love to read
I love to read

Thank you darling daughter Daphne for the early Christmas present. I would never have guessed that I would get my own blog. Wow! Yes, Daphne I really do love this gift! The only reason I haven’t turned cartwheels to express my appreciation is because I am too chubby and can’t get my big fat fanny off the ground. And if by some miracle I could, I don’t think my arms could support my body and there would be a really big splat. (It would probably make a seriously funny U-Tube video though.) I didn’t think I would ever get into blogging, but I have to say it’s a barrel of fun. I guess Daphne, who is the real writer in the family, got tired of me horning in on her blog wanting to post on my stuff. Thus gift has pushed me into the 21st century. Imagine that if you will. 

While I was encroaching on Daphne’s site, Days of Daphne (, I started writing under Mama Says. But, in trying to trying to set up my site for me, Daphne found that there were at least 5 others using the title Mama Says.  So Mama Vicky Says ( was born. Move over, ladies! Mama Vicky has arrived on the blogging scene.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. You already know that I carry a little too much unsightly adipose tissue on my body. But did you know that I also have thinning hair, a big smile, and I enjoy life? Oh, yes, there is the grand protuberance on my face courtesy of the Hungarian side of the famiIy. Yep, it is the big schnoz! Yikes! I want you to know that I am an optimist; the glass is always more than half full to me even if we are being rained on by clouds of adversity. I might as well keep my chin up and grin through it instead of mope and pout. That just makes matters worse.

I have been a registered nurse for a lot more years than I want to reveal. I worked in oncology for many years and it was my favorite field of nursing. After that many years, though, I just couldn’t put one more IV in someone who had no veins. I am sure you know how it feels when you’ve gone to the lab or hospital and you feel the person fishing around for your veins. Not nice at all. So, in a weird twist of fate, I ended up in psychiatric nursing. I love it! Not as much technical stuff as administering chemotherapy, but it is challenging. I now work at the San Diego County Psychiatric Hospital.

I come from a large family, 5 brothers and 1 sister. I was born in Pennsylvania and lived there till I was almost 11. My father is from Ohio originally, and my mom from the San Diego area. How did they meet? Why WWII, of course. Mom was a Rosie the Riveter type and my dad was a swab in the US Navy. My mother said she got tired of the snow and her mother-in-law and wanted to come back home. I don’t know why my grandma was a problem for my mom. She was the best grandma ever. But what does a child know about the intricacies of adult relationships? My mom and dad are alive and kicking at 91 years of age. Dad lives here in town. Mom lives in North Carolina.

I have been in California for years now, minus the two years I lived in Utah while attending BYU. I have two children of my own, a son named Adam, and yes, you guessed it, a daughter named Daphne. And we have Daphne’s evil Chihuahua, Mr. Pete, living here, too. The really awesome thing is that my son gave me two absolutely darling, awesome, spectacular grandchildren. Katie just turned 8 and Jakie is 5. (No, he didn’t do this alone. There is the ex. I do have to admit that Sea Hag – I know this is a mean name to give the woman, but she is and that’s no lie – had a part in the making of those angels.) I’m sure as my blogging days go on you’ll hear more about them.
I was able to buy my first home, really a condo, 14 years ago. The selling point was the swimming pool and Jacuzzi. I didn’t think I’d ever get to be a homeowner, but I am. I feel really blessed in so many ways.

I love to read, read, and read some more. Daphne and I are bibliophiles, so guess where we volunteer? Why the library used bookstore, of course. I enjoy spending time with my family, except when they are cranky. (My adult children? No way! Yes, at times way.) I knit beanies as a hobby. I rarely watch any TV but might now and then watch a DVD with Daphne. I can knit the hats at the same time and then I don’t feel guilty sitting on my fanny watching the boob tube. I love doing crafts, like making homemade greeting cards, hand poured soap, and bath salts. Daphne and I just started a very fledgling business called Sugar and Spice Designs to sell some of our handmade goods. I believe that I am “Sugar” and she is “Spice.” She thinks it is the other way around.

Enough about me, right? Seriously.

On my blog Daphne will be a visiting author. I’ll have, of course, a blog post, and then there will be a joke section, a food for thought bit, and some helpful advice from Sugar and Spice.

I know there are at least a million blogs out there and I am sure they are all good. But please take a chance on us. Visit and see what you think. I hope that you will find something that appeals to you and you will visit often. Your comments are most welcome, suggestions, and ideas, too.

Have a wonderful day! Blog you later!

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