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As you know, I absolutely love to read. When I have finished a book I always like to share a review with you. Some of the books I read are by really well known authors and some are up and coming. Today I would like to share a book by a new author that only a few have heard about. I figure if I find something from a new author, I want to share it. Maybe a little publicity will help her/him. Introducing Callie Hahn!!

Callie Hahn has been an aspiring writer all of her life. A few years ago she braved the world of self-publishing and had printed a great novella entitled Full Circle. Full Circle tells the tragic tale of a young woman whose dreams are gone and she attempts suicide. Sounds gloomy? Maybe. But there is always hope and redemption. I would recommend this novella. However, I am going to write about her most recent book.


301 Creative Writing Prompts for You
written by Callie Hahn

I am still learning how to move through the blogging world, but Callie is into the 21st Century with both feet. By this I mean that her new book is in e-book format. (I am an old paper and book cover lover, but my GM finally got me to read a book or two on her Kindle. Pretty cool. I guess I have finally dipped my toes into the 21st Century.)

But, let me get back on track. I think there are many people, myself included, who love to write and are budding wannabe authors. If you are a writer, you know that sometimes your muse decides to go on holiday for an extended period and you can’t come up with anything to put down on paper. You also know that you are not alone.

So here’s where Callie Hahn’s book comes in. Sometimes a writer needs a little boost to get started. Callie gives 301 writing prompts to get the writer’s mind started. There were 301 good ones for sure, but I’ll just share a couple that would make for an interesting story or start of a book. Here they are:

~ Could you ever love a boy with scars?

~ Is it a mistake to date the handsome detective – when she’s in fact guilty of the crime he’s investigating?

~ Your character accidentally takes home the wrong jacket and finds something frightening in the pocket.

In addition to the awesome prompts, Callie has interspersed tried and true writing tips among the pages. I guarantee you will love this book. (Now, if I could only get her to write the book I had started on the evil family dog, I would just attach my name to it!) To purchase a copy of this book for your e-reader, find her work on Amazon. Her e-book is only 99 cents. (And, if you would like to read Full Circle, you will find it on Amazon too.)

Link to 301 Creative Writing Prompts for You

Link to Full Circle

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