Mama Vicky’s Good Karma Korner


Want to make the world a little better place to be? It can be so easy to spread some good Karma around. You’ve heard about the butterfly effect, haven’t you? A butterfly moves its wings over a distant continent, and that small action is felt around the world.

One small action by an individual can touch many.

Service does not have to be costly to make a difference. How about donating blood or signing up for the Bone Marrow Registry?
As an oncology nurse I know how valuable a pint of blood or platelets can be for a patient. We did bone marrow transplants at UCSD. Finding a donor is not always easy. You might be the match.

If needles bother you, I have a little known charity run by volunteers called the Oblate Stamp Bureau. These stamps are sold to collectors around the world and the money raised goes to feed the needy in a small town in Ohio. All you do is collect unique or foreign stamps from letters and packages you receive. When you get something with a unique stamp cut it out leaving a 1/8 to a ¼ inch border of the envelope. They don’t need any of the Forever Flag Stamps or any of the non-profit organization stamps. Some of the new Forever Stamps are keepers. I just found some stamps from Germany on a package sitting at the bottom of my new desk from 1974! Perfect stamps for these folks. All it will cost the donor is the price of stamps to mail the stamps to the charity.

Here’s the address:

Oblate Stamp Bureau
c/o Charles Malachosky
1669 Merlin Street
Cayahoga Falls, Ohio 44221

If you have any service opportunities or charities to recommend please do so. The more options the better. Have a great day!

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