Mama Vicky’s Somewhat Economical Bucket List


What is on your bucket list?

The idea for this post came to my brilliant mind recently when Daphne and I watched an old movie starring Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton, on VHS no less! We did enjoy “Something’s Gotta Give.”

It wasn’t the movie exactly that got me thinking about bucket lists. It was watching Jack Nicholson that did it. He was in the movie “The Bucket List” with Morgan Freeman, remember? I loved that movie. Were you aware that after the movie came out there were all sorts of books and blogs telling us how to create a list of our own. There were even a few authors who wrote about their own bucket lists. Never read any of them. I think I know how to write a list. I have been writing grocery and to do lists for many moons. I don’t need a lesson on how to write a bucket list. And some of the items on those lists are for people with mucho dinero. I am, sad to say, not a member of that club.

In the movie, the stars had dough and could afford to do whatever they wanted to do. I liked their ideas, but what I need is the poor person’s bucket list. So after thinking a bit, and what a strain that was, I have come up with my Mama Vicky’s Somewhat Economical Bucket List. There are a few items I will have to save for.

Mama Vicky’s List:

  1. Attend my grandchildren’s college graduations, their commencement ceremonies from grad school and their PHD programs. (I have already informed them that they will be going to college. I just haven’t told them yet that they will be going to grad school. They are too young to know what that means.)
  2. Retire from my job fully vested and with my sanity reasonably intact.
  3. Get our craft and card business going like gang busters. It would be so cool to make money doing something I love while working at home. I could even stay in my jammies and no one would be the wiser!
  4. Serve a mission to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  5. Visit my wonderful mother before it’s too late. (She’s 93.)
  6. Get up to 10,000 steps a day.
  7. Finish the Maintain Not Gain Challenge this year.
  8. Enter and finish a 5K run/walk. (Who knows? Maybe I will be able to do a10K run/walk in the future.)
  9. Learn how to do a podcast with my GM and have it be successful.
  10. Learn how to use my fancy Nikon camera so pictures turn out looking awesome.
  11. Learn how to use Facebook and Twitter.
  12. Lose 100 pounds.
  13. Read all the books on my TBR list and on my many bookshelves.
  14. Finish the book I have been writing and get it published.
  15. Knit at least 2000 beanies for charity.
  16. Reach at least 500 service hours at the library as a volunteer.
  17. Donate blood every 2 months.
  18. Finish the journals and scrapbooks for my children and grandchildren.
  19. Buy the Jeep Rubicon I have been wanting.
  20. Pay off my mortgage and live to enjoy it.
  21. If I really stash some money away, I might be able to finance a trip to Hungary. My paternal grandparents came from there. Who knows? With a little research I may be able to find some family members I don’t know as well as be able to do some genealogical research.

I guess this list will keep me busy for quite some time. Forget the saying “too many men, so little time.” Instead the saying should be, “so many adventures and so little time.” There are a few things that I am going to have to start saving for. I have a nurse piggy bank with a few coins in it already so I will just have to fill it up a bit faster. (I have wasted many coins and dollars on chocolate candy and Marie Callender’s pies that I could have financed a trip to the moon. Since I am going back on a diet, I should fill up nurse piggy with the money I would have spent on naughty, but oh so yummy, treats.)

What’s on your bucket list? Wishing you success on your own bucket list. Be sure to enjoy yourself on the way.

Blog you later!

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