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I finished a small book that Daphne got for me when we worked the recent library used book sale. The library book sale is a place where we volunteer and then come home with more books than we could ever read in a lifetime. (Personally, I think they love having us volunteer because we have turned out to be good customers.)


God’s Little Christmas Book
Inspirational stories, songs, and traditions
to help you rediscover the real meaning of Christmas
published by Honor Books

This book is, as its title says, little. It is a book you can hold in one hand and has only 160 pages. There were little Christmas stories and traditions throughout the book, as well as the words to beloved Christmas carols, and scriptures related to the birth of Christ. I loved reading about the Christmas traditions in various countries. A couple of recipes were included, as well as some craft ideas for children. I even found one that my grandchildren can make someday.

The ones we are going to make eventually are called Christmas Crackers. Not something you eat per se. You have seen the New Year’s poppers in which you pull the cord and out shoots strings of confetti. This is a similar idea, but homemade. You can fill it with confetti, but also little goodies. Once made, they are placed at each table setting for the Christmas feast. Sounds like fun to me.

I enjoyed learning how others celebrate the holiday. For instance, did you know that on Christmas Day in the year 1492 Christopher Columbus officially established his first American settlement on the island of San Domingo? On Christmas Eve the ship Santa Maria landed on its side and a band of Indians helped them during the holiday?

As we know, mistletoe hung at Christmas has a romantic significance. A spray of mistletoe is hung over a doorway and when two folks are under the mistletoe they can have a “Mistletoe Kiss.” But, did you know that a berry is supposed to be plucked off the spray after each kiss. When the berries are gone, the privilege of kissing ends.

For some great ideas and folk lore, as well as reading the 1st Christmas story again, this is a cute little book to enjoy. The only thing that detracted from the book was that various “translations” of the Bible were used, and not the King James Version. I think the majestic language of the King James Version adds to the beauty of the message.

Happy Belated Holidays!

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