Book Review: Mother-Daughter Book Camp by Heather Vogel Frederick

Mother-Daughter Book Camp
The Mother-Daughter Book Club

by Heather Vogel Frederick

It has been quite a while since Ms. Frederick has written another installment of The Mother-Daughter Book Club. Somehow my keen-eyed daughter spotted this at the library and checked it out for me. Hurray! I totally loved all the previous novels. In case you haven’t heard about these books, I’ll give you a brief description (You know what my brief descriptions are like.). The series begins in middle school and covers each year through high school graduation.

Emma is the chubby bookworm who wears hand-me-down clothing from the church rummage sale. Her mom is the town librarian, and her father is a freelance writer. Her best friend is Jess, daughter of farmer parents, and she is practically a genius. Cassidy is only interested in hockey. Who needs books? Of course, no school would be complete without snobs and mean girls. This is where Becca and Megan come in. Becca, especially, and Megan love to make Emma and Jess miserable.

So imagine the horror when Emma’s mom suggests to the other mothers one day in yoga class that they begin a mother-daughter book club. The mom’s love the idea. The daughters detest the idea, and wonder why this torture is being allowed to be inflicted on them. The girls would rather die than be in each other’s company. They know that arguing with their mothers won’t change the verdict.

In this latest novel, the girls have survived book club, high school, and each other. Now they are are going to be camp counselors for the summer at girl’s camp in New Hampshire. Jess’s know-it-all cousin Felicia shows up there as a counselor. Besides being a smarty, she is lacking in social skills and is into medieval history, clothing and instruments. She plays the sackbut. The who and the what? I only know about sackbuts from reading the Old Testament. Where does one go to find a sackbut, I wonder?

The book club girls have already chosen who will be a co-counselor with them in their cabins. But fate and the camp director intervene and summer camp may be purgatory, at least where Emma is concerned. Emma gets stuck with Felicia, and it is downhill from there. Who would have guessed that earning a little money for college could be so awful?

Join our heroines as they deal with homesick girls, pranks by the boys’ camp, skunks, and each other. Honestly, it took me a couple of chapters to get into it. However, once I got into it, I enjoyed the book. I admit that I loved the first novels the best. I would give this installment 4 out of 5 stars. I recommend the whole series. These would make a great gift for your daughters, granddaughters, and yourself. Even better would be snuggling up with your girls and reading them together. Tell them Mama Vicky recommends it.

Happy Reading!

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