Movie Night: Bound By a Secret DVD Review


Bound by a Secret
A Movie on DVD


Jane (played by Lesley Ann Warren) is a highly successful soap opera star. Her best friend is Ida Mae (played by Meredith Baxter). While Jane gave up everything to become a star, Ida Mae was happy to stay in their old home town. Ida Mae is a home body. Jane has traveled the world.

Things suddenly shift when Jane gives up her starring role in the soap opera and returns to her hometown and stays with Ida Mae. She has end stage cancer and does not have long to live. She has not shared this with anyone.

Ida Mae has a lovely daughter who is married and has blessed her with a lovely granddaughter. Her family means everything to her. When Jane arrives she and Ida Mae’s friendship is tested to the breaking point. When Jane begins giving Ida Mae’s daughter advice, the tension builds because her advice is exactly opposite of Ida’s. Both ladies have some growing to do. And if they can’t work it out, a shocking secret from their past could come to light and ruin everything.

I don’t like crying, even when the movie is very emotional. However, Daphne and I both were shedding a few crocodile tears as we watched this movie together. Make sure to have a box of tissue handy because this movie is a definite tear jerker. The movie was a 5 out of 5 star film. The performances were well done. The story line was believable. We liked both Jane and Ida Mae. They were strong characters despite their flaws. We understood both of their sides of the arguments. So glad we didn’t have to make the tough decisions they did.

Daphne and I don’t often agree on what movies are good. We both enjoyed “Bound by a Secret”. So if we both liked it, you can be sure it is worth watching. Just don’t forget the tissues!

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