October Hallowversary #Contest #Giveaway – 2 prizes to be awarded!



Yes, I did say ”Happy Halloversary.” Two years and 11 days ago (borrowing and twisting President Abraham Lincoln’s famous Gettysburg address) Mama Vicky, along with her intrepid daughter/general manager Daphne, inaugurated/ launched my blog – Mama Vicky Says. I entered the 21st century and the computer mainstream by blogging. I realize that Mama Vicky isn’t a fantastic or unusual name for a blog, but honestly I couldn’t start a blog and think at the same time. So there you have it.

I chose the word “Halloversary” because I am combining two special events into one big online party. Since October is the month of Halloween and the inception (It plays with your brain.) of my blog, I am inviting one and all to visit my blog – www.mamavicky.net – this month.

The day after Halloween I will give out a pretty awesome basket, if I say so myself, of new, mystery gifts (valued at $30) along with a $20 Amazon.com gift card, just for visiting and leaving a comment on my blog. The gift basket will be awarded to the winner. There will be a smaller Halloversary gift for the 2nd name chosen. They will receive a $10 Amazon.com gift card.

The last time I had a blog contest I asked visitors to list at least one of their greatest blessings. I received the most wonderful responses. This time around, in order to keep with the theme of party, please either comment on what is your favorite holiday and why, or what was your favorite anniversary and what made it so special? You don’t need to share anything deep or intimate. It is perfectly okay to keep it simple.

The party starts tonight when the bell tolls the bewitching hour of midnight. Invite your friends to join the party if you would like. I am looking forward to hearing from you all.

Open to U.S. Residents only. Ends on October 31st at 11:59 p.m. PST. Thank you.

Good luck to all. Party on (as Bill and Ted often said in
Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure)! Blog you later.

18 comments on “October Hallowversary #Contest #Giveaway – 2 prizes to be awarded!

  1. My favorite holiday is Halloween. I truly love October. I love taking the kids out trick-or-treating, decorating jack-o-lanterns, etc. My oldest daughter is turning 18 the day before Halloween. She’s my little ghoul! 🙂

  2. My favorite holiday has always been Christmas. Since working in retail it has become more commercialized but I am determined not to let it spoil my happy. lol. What do I like about it? Well when I was a kid it just always seemed like the happiest time of the year. Even now that I am older, I enjoy it because its the only time of the year when we can actually get all of our family together. I think I will always be a kid at heart at Christmas time, believing in the magic of the season and hoping for something better than the last year.

  3. My favorite holiday is Christmas because it’s one of the few times of the year when my whole family is together. We don’t have to have a huge celebration, just enjoying each other’s company is enough.

  4. Christmas has always been my favorite time of year and holiday. Our entire family tries to get together, here lately it is getting harder and harder because the grandchildren are getting older and having families of their own. Heck, I have 4 great grandchildren now, and I think we are all going to be together this Christmas(keeping fingers crossed)!!

  5. My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving because it’s the only holiday where the whole family gets together.

  6. My favorite holiday is Christmas. I love celebrating Jesus’ birth, spending time with my family, and decorating the tree 🙂

  7. I like Christmas—- more for the memories of yesteryear than anything else. Loved going to my grandma’s house where everything was magical —the twinkling bubble lights on the tree, the gaily wrapped gifts, the smells of baking in the air. In the evening you could look out through a frosty window pane and see the ice skaters on the rink across the street……………..I was recently on a realtor’s web site and found her house for sale. It was listed at $112,000 and a sale was pending. I haven’t been in it in over 40 years so it was both heartwarming and heartwrenching to see it again. My sisters and I both pored over the pictures of it and agreed that the decor inside was not to our liking!

  8. Christmas memories are wonderful. Glad you had those special moments. It never seems right when someone changes something one loved dearly, like the decor in the house. Thanks for visiting. Happy Halloween and good luck!

  9. It sounds like you have kept Christ in Christmas which is wonderful. The Christmas tree is the centerpiece of the holiday decorations and I love decorating itmwith my grandchildren. Thank you for visiting. Hope you will come again soon. Happy Halloween and good luck with the contest!

  10. It is a great time when the whole family is present. And the food is always delicious. I don’t know about you but I always eat wayyy too much lol It’s hard to choose but what is your favorite Thanksgiving food? I can’t make up my mind between candied yams, stuffing or pumpkin pie. Thank you for sharing. Happy Halloween. Come see us again soon and good luck with the contest!

  11. Well congratulations on having 4 great grandchildren. I have 2 grandchildren that I absolutely adore. They make the holiday so much fun. I hope you get your wish to have your family together for the holiday. Thank you for sharing. I appreciate you coming by and hope you will visit again soon. Good luck on the contest!

  12. Sounds like you have a great time and yes, family makes the holiday special. It’s going to be a little different this year, like last year, since my father passed away but I’ll still have my children and grandchildren and all the surprises and good food so I know we’ll make it special. I hope it’s your best Christmas ever. Thank you for visiting. I hope you will come back soon. And good luck on the contest!

  13. Even though I’m an old lady, I still enjoy the magic of Christmas and I love getting into the spirit of it. I hope this year, your Christmas is special. Thank you for visiting. Hope you’ll stop by again soon. Trick or treat and good luck on the contest. – Vicky (Daphne’s mom)

  14. It is fun trick or treating with children. I love your little quip about your daughter being your little ‘ghoul’ even though she is growing up. I am still trying to decide what I am going to wear for a costume this year. Trick or treat. Fall is a wonderful time because of the nicer weather and the changing of the leaves. Thank you for coming by. And good luck on the contest. – Vicky (Daphne’s mom)

  15. I have always had a warm feeling for Christmas because I was born the day after. Growing up your told stories about your life and grandparents and great grandparents make it special for the kids. A tradition I have tried to continue as a grandma myself now. Family and traditions.

  16. Christmas is always a special time around my neighborhood. All the twinkling lights and holiday decorations. Love that family finds the time to get together and enjoy one another company. It is also a special time to remember our Saviors birth.

  17. Christmas is my favorite holiday. I love the Christmas carols, especially the ones that sing of the birth of the Savior.

  18. My favorite holiday is Christmas. Really the only time I can get together with the family. We live so far a part. So good to catch up on ole times. Relax have a good dinner.

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