Reading Lists – Failure and Success (I hope)

My plan, as I mentioned at this time last year, was to read the books on an A to Z list that I had created. I had put quite a few books on the list that had been sitting on my bookshelves collecting dust. Well, I succeeded in making a diverse list. I must now confess that there were just so many other wonderful books out there calling my name, that I had to buy and read. My A to Z list kind of got ignored. So while I did read 65 books in 2016 only 6 came from my prepared list. What is that? A big whopping 10%! So many books, so little time. Even so, I thought I would share a few of my personal picks and pans out of the books I read in 2016.

Totally Loved
The Girl From the Train
The Book of Classic Insults
Amazed by Grace
Playing with Fire
Spark Joy
Every Fifteen Minutes
Killer Takes All
These Is My Words

Definitely Not a Keeper
The Little Paris Bookshop
The Overton Window
Gone Girl
Something’s Cooking
Bell, Cook and Candle

I am going to do better for sure in 2017! I have decided to take PopSugar’s 2017 reading challenge and combine it with this TBR challenge offered by The YA Book Traveler. The goal of the TBR challenge is to dust off the books that have been waiting to be read. Combining the two is a win-win endeavor.

How about you folks? Have you accepted any reading challenges? What’s on your TBR list for 2017? We’d love to hear from you. Who knows? You may be giving us the lowdown on the next great read.

PS – Many of the books I have had the opportunity to read were from author’s I hadn’t heard of before, but we’re recommended to me. I would like to introduce you to an author you may not have heard of before. She hasn’t had a book published yet, but she does have some great stories and poems. In fact, she won 1st place in a poetry competition. Meet VL Sloan. She goes by the pen name of Sloanranger. Find her at or on social media at Twitter @sloanrangerWP.

Happy Reading in 2017!

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