Recipe Corner : I’m no Rachael Ray but…

I am not Rachael Ray but you may like this recipe anyway
I am not Rachael Ray but you may like this recipe anyway

I am no Rachael Ray, who is able to whip up something tasty that the family will love in 30 minutes. Still there are those nights when you get home from work late after a trying day and the troops meet you at the door with, “What’s for dinner? We’re starving!” I like to respond with the wise saying, “You guys don’t know what starving really is.” This never seems to appease them. I can’t figure out why. So before they fade away, I sometimes whip up soft tacos or burritos, whatever you want to call it. It makes great leftovers. So when I come home in the next couple of days wrung out from a non-stop day at work, and they again tell me they are starving, I can point my finger to the fridge and the microwave and say, “Help yourself.”

Without further ado, here is a simple recipe for Soft Tacos or Burritos. The name depends on the size of the tortilla you use.

1 pound ground turkey (or beef, if you prefer)
1 dozen flour tortillas
1/3 onion, diced
1 package of taco seasoning mix (no specific type – could be Old El Paso, Taco Bell, McCormicks, etc. –Just a thought – How does an Irish guy know how to flavor Mexican food?)
Monterey Jack or Longhorn cheese, pre-shredded or grate a chunk yourself
1 small tub of sour cream
1 bottle of salsa, your choice of brand and intensity
fresh tomatoes, diced
1 avocado or a small tub of quacamole dip

Brown turkey in a skillet with the diced onion until brown. Pour off any grease/liquid. Add ¾ cup water and the taco seasoning to the pan. Bring to a boil and then reduce the heat and allow the meat and spices to simmer for 5 minutes. While the meat is cooking start grating the cheese if you didn’t buy the shredded kind. Dice the tomatoes. Warm the tortillas. We have a cast iron tortilla pan but you can put the tortillas in the oven for a couple of minutes on 300’ F or nuke them in the microwave for 12 seconds. Put all the extras on the table. Spoon the meat into the warm tortillas and bring them to the table. Let the family members dress up their taco/burrito with the ingredients they want. Enjoy a family meal together and between bites be sure to talk and laugh with each other.

Bon appétit! Or should I say, Come bien!

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