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Keep smiling
Keep smiling

Bloopers are awfully good for a belly laugh so here are some winners that have been printed in newspapers. You know everyone makes mistakes, but some are more public than others. Ouch!

From the Modesto News-Herald  published in where else? Modesto, California : “Here the bridal couple stood, facing the floral setting, and exchanged cows.” I just wonder how many cows were involved. Had to have been a really big altar.

From the Holland Evening Sentinel published in Michigan : “It took many rabbits many years to write the Talmud.” I can see why they wouldn’t list the city the newspaper is in. If they had, they may have gotten some interesting letters to the editor.
From a paper in Ohio : (After you read this I’m sure you’ll see why they chose to remain anonymous.) “Mrs. _____ fell down stairs at her home this morning, breaking her (Are you ready for this?) myhodudududu – dudududosy, (There is just no way to spell check that one.) and suffered painful injuries.”

And last but not least, from the Enquirer- Bulletin of who knows where: “A headline in an item in the Feb. 15th edition incorrectly stated ‘Stolen Groceries.’ It should have read: ‘Homicide.’ “ I don’t think there is much difference between the two. Do you?
You can bet I have proofread everything I have written today.

Smile and laugh. Both are good for you and keep you young. 🙂

photo credit: Thomas Geiregger via photopin cc

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