Sugar and Spice Advice: Aromas and scents

Pleasing aromas
Pleasing aromas

Research has shown that there is a relationship between
odors and a person’s overall wellbeing. I like the
positive word aroma better. After all, being a nurse and
working in a hospital, I have been exposed to some odors
that I can honestly tell you that there are some odors
that don’t contribute to one’s well-being! So I am going
to focus on aromas that leave a positive effect on a person.

Think about some of the smells that you find pleasing.
One of my favorites is the smell of bread being baked. It
is a very warm and inviting smell and reminds me of when
my mother baked our bread. I get a smile on my face.

One of my other favorites is an old perfume from the
Avon Company – Here’s My Heart perfume. I love that
smell and if Avon was still selling it I would stock up on it.
My mother wore that perfume and it was the first perfume
I was ever given as a gift. (Do you know that I still have
one of the bottles it originally came in? I loved it that much.)

Now I am not pushing any product lines but another
favorite smell is Vicks Vap-O-Rub. Yes, it is true. When we
were little and got sick with a cold Mom or Dad would
rub a little Vicks under our noses and then rub some into
our chests as we were tucked into bed. Vicks meant love
and being able to breathe better.

So scents and aromas are important to us. But besides
being esthetically pleasing what good do they do us?
Would you believe that certain aromas can affect stress
levels, sleep patterns, pain management, and mental per-
formance? You’d better believe it.

Here are some examples of certain smells and their
Lemon Oil. Test subjects felt a burst of optimism when
they whiffed the citrusy scent. Scientific fact: The blood
levels of the test subjects showed increases in the energy-
boosting hormone norepinephrine. Mid-day slump? Take
a second to get a whiff of lemon.

Peppermint. Also invigorating, but has the ability to
soothe and cool. I once had some peppermint foot
gel. Sore, aching, hot feet felt instantly cool and re-

Rosemary. Did you know that this aromatic herb has
the potential to sharpen your wits? A study done in the
UK found that sniffing rosemary oil gave students a
brain boost.

Lavender. This is a really popular scent. Lavender is
known as a calming essential oil. Some studies show
that the smell of lavender lessons discomfort associ-
ated with menstrual cramps and may promote sleep.
Spray a lavender mist over your pillows for a more
restful night’s sleep.

Nature really can’t be beat for some of the helps
around. It is true. Take a minute to stop and smell
the roses. It’s good for you.

Sugar and Spice advice brought to you by the folks at
                      Sugar and Spice Designs.
We use only pure essential oils in the making of our

                      soaps and bath salts.

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