Sugar and Spice Advice: Fall Cleaning

Crowded closet
Crowded closet

Everyone has heard of “spring
cleaning.” But why not put a spin on
a great idea? What about annual
“fall cleaning?”  If we think about it
we often collect a ton of things in
a short period of time. The holidays
are coming and that means getting
out the decorations, and cleaning the
house for company, etc. This is the
perfect time to do some fall cleaning.

Tidying up your home not only makes
it esthetically pleasing, but can really
help you clean up emotional, mental,
and spiritual clutter. Here’s why: When
you have a place for everything and
everything is in its place, you can fo-
cus your energy on work, hobbies,
exercise, and rest. All key things in a
person’s life.

We know the why, now here’s the how:
Pick up things on the floor. Loose ob-
jects are a fall risk. Plus, if you can’t
find your track shoes, you aren’t going
for that much needed walk. Put loose
items in 1 of 3 locations: the trash can,
a box for items to be donated (and
make sure you donate them);  or
their original storage space. Sounds
like the idea I shared with you from
the Organized Homemaker.

Weed out your closet. The “experts”
say if you haven’t worn it in a year,
get rid of it. Are you saving those outfits
to wear when you lose the 10 pounds
that’s been hanging around a while?
How long have you been trying to lose
the dread 10 pounds? Instead of staring
glumly at the outfit and feeling like a
failure, donate it to a thrift store or
women’s shelter so that someone can
get some good out of it and you
don’t berate yourself for not dieting.
When you do lose that weight, treat
yourself to a new outfit.

Hold a yard sale or go to the swap meet.
Help your friends pare down by holding
a yard sale as a group.

Get advice from a friend. Sometimes it
is hard to decide what to keep and what
to part with, especially if the item has
some sentimental value.  Remember,
though, you don’t have to give every-
thing away. But you might be able to
get rid of some things with the object-
ivity a friend’s eye. My organizational skills
instructor, Senor Acosta, nearly caused
me to have a seizure when he told me I
should get rid of my book collection.
I said, “What?”  He firmly believed that
I wouldn’t read the books on my
shelves a second time. Wrong! That does
not mean I don’t remove books from my
shelves and give them away. If the book
did not blow my skirt up, it doesn’t
earn a spot on my shelf. But get rid of
all my books – No Way!

Be that as it may, it can help to have an
objective person help you decide what
to part with. If something has sentimental
value, but you haven’t touched it, your
friend can help you put it in the donation
pile or pass it on to a relative who would
love it. Take a picture of that item,
but pass the real item on. It can be a
tough thing to do, but that is what your
buddy is for – to help you see the reason
for giving something to a charity or for
selling  it.

When there is less to trip over and you
don’t have to try to stuff the ironed shirt
into a packed closet or you don’t have
to continue to look at the weird stuffed
owl Auntie Claire willed to you, life will
be more organized and peaceful. Trust
me, it is true. I’m finding that out my-
self as I pare down. Less really can be

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