Sugar and Spice Advice … Get some good sleep!

Garfield sawing zzzzz's
Garfield sawing zzzzz’s

Sleep. Ahh, a good night’s sleep. You feel great when you have a night (or two or more) of deep blissful sleep. Getting that sleep seems to be hard. I just heard that sleep deprivation is the number one problem afflicting Americans in the health arena. By the numbers a recent news blurb reported it seems that very few folks are getting the rest they need. Our lives can get so busy with so much to do and so many places to go that sleep is almost an afterthought. And that is not good at all. Sleep really affects our moods as well as our creativity and productivity. But sleep is so important that a lack of enough can cause problems in other body systems.

So here is little bit of info and advice on sleep, how to improve your sleep time, and what sleeping does for the body. Our sleep cycle is naturally synchronized with the rising and setting of the sun. Sleeping when it is daylight is harder. I worked the night shift for the last 3 years. I can vouch for that fact.

Did you know that everything from a car’s headlights through your window to the glow of a lamp or the blue light from your computer screen or you tablet can interrupt your sleep? True. Even a little light can turn off the natural inclination to sleep. Artificial light can lead to sleep deprivation thus leading to impairing your health.

Here’s what to do: remove or turn off nonessential light sources such as night lights, clock radios, computers, etc. If you need an alarm clock face it away from you, because even the small digital display can impact your sleep.

Cover up your windows with dark drapes or blinds to keep street lights, moonbeams, and passing traffic from getting in. I have seen windows covered with foil to reflect the light away from the house. If you need to sleep when the sun is up, wear a sleep mask to hide the light.

Now that you are getting a good night’s sleep after using these hints, you’ll not only feel refreshed, but you will experience added benefits as well. Did you know dreams help with some very serious mental and physical health needs? Dreams help to manage stress and can boost neurological function. Got a final exam or dissertation coming up? Make sure you get a good night’s sleep for success in the AM.

Dreams provide mental cleansing. Emotional turmoil may prompt your mind to play out stressful scenes during REM sleep. Think about what the dreams are telling you. This can help reduce depression and anxiety.

Dream experts believe that certain dreams can shed the first light on unknown physical problems. There is no evidence to support this though the experts believe it frees your subconscious to tell you something that your mind and body don’t know yet.

Dreams can aid in personal discovery by helping the mind troubleshoot problems and come up with creative solutions. Perhaps this is where the expression “to sleep on it” comes from. I never made that connection before, but it does work. It is suggested that you focus on an issue that needs exploration as you drift off to sleep. You may awaken with a new perspective.

Go ahead; treat yourself to many good nights’ sleep. You deserve it and you will be happy with the results.

Sweet Dreams!

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