Sugar and Spice Advice – Say it with a smile

Smile. You are loved.
Smile. You are loved.

Say It With a Smile
and then reap the benefits. Smiling is worth
much more than you might think.

Smiling is easy when you are happy or have heard
a good joke. In addition to feeling good, smiling has
a beneficial effect on your body at the biochemical
level.  How does lowering stress, strengthening your
immune system, and regulating heart function sound
to you? All of these benefits can be yours just by
cracking a smile.
For you wonderful single ladies, there is an added
bonus to showing your pearly whites. In a study
conducted across the Big Drink in Britain, research-
ers found that men found ladies to be more attractive
when they smiled. For you wonderful married ladies,
another study linked smiling to a long-lasting mar-
Sometimes smiling comes easy. Other times you
might need to help your face to smile by doing a
few simple things, such as thinking happy. Think
of a funny memory, a person you love, or a funny
scene from a movie. (Or my favorite way to bring
a smile to my face is to read the humorous cards
in the greeting card aisle. I know when I start
laughing out loud and I am by myself that other
people in the store wonder if I have taken my
medication that day. Hmmm. Did I remember to
take it before I left the house this morning? J)
You can also catch a smile from being around
people that are smiling. A smile is one contagious
thing worth catching. (Beats catching a yawn or
the flu by a long shot.)
Or smile using your body language. Your stance,
posture, and tone of voice contribute to the mood
you are projecting. For a good mood and a grin
stand straight, don’t cross your arms across your
chest. (This is the back off signal or it can interpret-
ed to mean “impress me.”) Make eye contact
with the other person and use a friendly tone of
Who’d of thought that something so simple
and readily available could be so good for you.
(And it costs nothing and isn’t fattening either.)

I have a couple of brand new journals available
to you for free. We will send it to you postage
paid by us. If you are interested just drop us
a line. Keeping a journal is a great way to
remember funny moments that will make you
smile and to count your blessings by listing
them.  Being grateful is another great way
to put a smile on your face.

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