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Happy family
Happy family

Since I talked about my family a little bit, I thought
I would share some sage advice about families.
Close, positive family relationships are an important
ingredient in a healthy, balanced life. So it is very
important to settle unresolved issues quickly. Even a
minor spat can have long range impact. It is often
easy to hold a grudge, but a grudge not only impacts
the folks involved in the spat, but everyone around them.
Studies have shown that unresolved hostility may
affect alcohol abuse, lead to high blood pressure,
and depression.

So what’s the remedy? It’s a simple answer, but
often hard to implement. The remedy is forgiveness.
Make the conscious choice to forgive. Think about
these things as you work through your feelings:

1) Nobody is perfect, including you.
2) You’ve got the power to control your feelings
or let those negative feelings control you. Not
easy, but it can be done.
3) Remember life is short, too short to go through
in misery. Find common ground with the other
person, agree to disagree, or just make up.
Hugs are healthy and make you feel good.
Cold shoulders can freeze the best of

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