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Our bath salts
Our bath salts

Research has shown that not only do scents trigger the brain causing an increase in good mood, energy, relaxation, etc., but colors can influence your perspective, thoughts, and feelings also. That’s why at Sugar and Spice Designs our soaps and bath salts are colored with pure nontoxic dyes.

Red denotes power and strength. In the Chinese culture the color red means luck. One study found that participants actually did better on detail oriented tasks when in a red setting. Crimson excites biochemical responses that raise blood pressure and pulse rate – good if you need bursts of energy or motivation. (Red is not the best color for meditating or decreasing anxiety.) While I love roses of any color and variety, our Romantic Rose natural oil conjures up a bright red fragrant rose in my mind.

Green reflects nature – harmony, health, and fertility. While our cucumber melon pale green soaps and bath salts are not guaranteed to aid fertility; I can promise you they won’t; they will help you to relax and feel calm. When I think of this color I think of freshness and coolness.

When you see the color yellow doesn’t it give you the feeling of energy and light? Yellow is a symbol for optimism and energy.

Blue color is believed to stimulate calming hormones and is associated with tranquility and serenity. Haven’t you sat by the water’s edge at the ocean or a lake and felt peaceful and calm? Fashion experts recommend wearing blue to job interviews because it signifies loyalty and hard work. I never knew that. When I am asked to participate in interviews I am going to see if the applicants wear blue.

White contains all the colors of the light spectrum. White suggests innocence, purity, simplicity, and cleanliness. We will be adding white butter soaps to our shop soon, which are cleansing and soothing all at the same time. The color white also encourages de-cluttering of your physical and mental space.

Think about what colors say to you.

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