Tales from the Laundromat


Let’s talk about the expense involved in doing laundry and the thrill of going to the Laundromat.

First of all, I will never complain about the cost of doing laundry here at the condo again. (Hold that thought. Read on.) When I bought this condo, owners were no longer able to put washers and dryers in their units. Boo! Hiss! So we have a common laundry room. Each wash load is $1.75 and each load dried is 50 cents. Once in a while the machine eats the money or doesn’t work. Frustrating? Yes. Certainly not the end of the world, but INCONVENIENT!

However, recently the homeowners’ association (HOA) decided to put new flooring in the laundry room and get new washers and dryers. Thank goodness! As you can imagine the laundry room had to be closed for a few days to complete the work. What the HOA didn’t know, or probably wouldn’t have even cared about had they known, was that this past weekend my grandchildren were here. So that means lots of dirty towels, linens, children’s clothes, etc.; hence, overflowing laundry baskets. I do mean overflowing. (Sometimes it is kind of nice to have my strong grown son around. Very handy carrying those extra heavy baskets down the stairs. I am getting a little older and a little stiffer, mind you.) Don’t get me wrong. I would much rather have my grandbabies around and deal with overflowing laundry baskets than not have those precious angels around. I adore them to pieces.

I wasn’t going to be able to wait a few days more until the facilities were in place. I was running out of unmentionables (as my sainted Aunt Edie called undies and bras), work uniforms, and clean towels. (Trust me when I tell you that the world would not be ready to meet me without a bra on. Yowsa!) So I made a pilgrimage to the local Laundromat. I figured that while there I might as well wash the winter comforter so I could start using it and wash the summer one and put it away. (Though the temps here in sunny So. Cali are still in the 80s, I believe that we will have winter sometime. I will want that comforter when the temps dip to keep my little toesies warm.) I left the house with two overflowing laundry baskets, a laundry sack, and 3 kitchen trash can-sized  garbage bag full of comforters, linens, work uniforms, unmentionables (There’s that word again.), etc.
I want you to know that I spent at least $26 or more dollars doing all the laundry. Man alive! One of the washers was $7.25 and the other 3 were $5.25. When I was a young mom I didn’t have a washer either. So there were frequent trips to the Laundromat with baby in tow. (Daphne wasn’t a gleam in her daddy’s eye yet. But I sure found money to buy a washer and dryer when I learned I was expecting again. No way was I hauling two youngsters, poopy diapers, and burp cloths on a regular basis to the Laundromat.) I know I didn’t spend nearly that much money washing poopy cloth diapers, barfed on clothes and burp cloths, plus my own clothes.

I had put most of the clothes on low heat setting because oftentimes the Laundromat dryers are super hot and will burn things up. The clothes and towels were still wet. So I bumped up the heat settings bit by bit. I am telling you those dryers were hungry for quarters. They ate more quarters in a short time period that I’ve ever seen. Add to this the fact that my son had to make 2 trips taking things home and a 3rd to bring the last of the laundry and me home. But what’s a mother to do?

When I tell you that I will never complain about the cost of our washers and dryers here at the condos again, I am sincere. (Unless these new machines make the cost of laundry go way up in price.) Blessings upon all of those people who still have to visit the Laundromat on a regular basis. I surely hope it doesn’t cost any of you $26 or more to get your laundry done. A person could go broke paying that much on a regular basis. I am thankful, though, for washers and dryers. My hands are chapped enough from frequent hand washing episodes in the course of my work as a nurse. To add hands beaten up by the old washboard would be painful. And can you imagine the back ache? God bless the ladies of the before-washing machines era who kept everyone clean. My beanie is off to you.

In my next blog I’ll share with you the “bone” of contention between my daughter and I in what is good for the dog to eat. To eat or not to eat table food. That is the question.

Have a Wonderful Day! Blog You Later!

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