The 5 Best Christmas gifts you’ve ever received


Last time we offered this, the topic was
5 Christmas songs you never want to hear
again. As I surely recall I had put “Last
Christmas” by Wham, as well as Taylor
“Not So” Swift’s version, as the # 1 song
I never wanted to hear again. Too bad
for me. The radio station I was listening to
played both versions, multiple times, along
with Screaming Meemee Mariah Carey’s “All
I Want for Christmas”. On the other hand
they played them less frequently and threw
in some Christmas songs they hadn’t played
before. That was a nice change up. Out of the
thousands and thousands of Christmas
songs there surely are enough to take up the
space that Wham, Taylor, and Pariah Carey
use. Hope springs eternal.

This time, thinking on the positive side, tell
us about the 5 best Christmas gifts you
have ever received. It’ll be hard to choose,
I am sure. We’d love to hear your thoughts.
My 5:
1) a pair of beautiful white ice skates
and my own dad-made ice skating rink. I
was about 9 years old.
2) a bicycle.
3) the complete set of “Man from Uncle”
DVDs in their own metal attaché case.
I loved that show and always thought
Napoleon Solo was the best looking
man on the planet. I still thinks so as I
watch the DVDs.
4) This blog. My daughter Daphne gave
it to me and I just love working on it!
5) a gift certificate for my very 1st foot
Ahhh! Life’s good.

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